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discharge colour/leaking fluid?!

Hello all, so i'm 34+1 and for the last few weeks i've needed to use panty liners everyday as otherwise i get a dump of discharge pretty often through the day that destroys my pants, pretty standard for pregnancy I know.

My question is, what colour is everyone else's who also does this? The panty liner always has a slight yellow tinge and I'm starting to panic a little that it may in fact be amneotic fluid I am leaking rather than just discharge? It's never enough to warrant more than one panty liner per day... just a bit of advice please?

Many thanks ladies!!

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weird question but does it smell? You could have an infection.

I get occasional white discharge. Midwife says its ok as long as it didn't smell or have a funny colour. I'd contact the midwife to check what they say.


Hmm not that I've noticed, I guess I'll smell it haha!


Lol. Glamourous pregnancy issues.



Have you spoke to your midwife there is a number of things this could be .. there is a small chance you can leak amniotic fluid and you would need antibiotic cover , It could also be discharge as that can become heavy especially with thrush . It could also be urine but the smell is quite distinct ! The joys of pregnancy eh!


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Slightly yellow tinge is normal. If it's smelly/green/itchy then I'd get it checked out. Doesn't sound like liquor fluid though... in general that tends to comes with a gush as if you peed yourself. If you're not sure you can always discuss with ur midwife

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You might be experiencing pregnancy related incontinence. Your baby is growing rapidly and all that weight of your uterus is pressing down on your bladder and when you move around/bend you might be passing little amounts of urine. Have you been doing pelvic floor exercises? Anyway if you are worried you should contact your midwife/GP.

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