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Whopping cough vaccine

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Hi I have just found out I'm pregnant and the midwife doesn't have a clue if I can have the shopping cough vaccine as i had Gillian Barre syndrome last year she's never heard of it which doesn't surprise me as it's a rare auto immune disease . I'm still waiting for a letter from the consultant after changing doctors due to moving and now have to wait 18 weeks at least to see them yeah j know rubbish!! I know I can't ever have the flu vaccine or any other vaccines but I'm worried about the whopping vpigh one of j don't I'm not protecting my child bit of I do I'm at a slight risk of relapsing

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18 weeks is a long time, but if you are able to get the whooping cough vaccine you don't usually get it until you are in the third trimester (as that way it offers the best protection for the baby) so if you are only just pregnant you still have a bit of time to work it out. If you can't get it I wouldn't worry too much - you can only do what you can do. You can always take extra precautions in relation to taking your baby out when it is very little and before it gets its first whooping cough vaccination (which I think happens around 8 weeks). Whichever way you will be doing the best for your baby. Good luck!

Did they say you can't have any vaccine or certain types? Might be worth asking your gp to write to the neurologist or who was looking after your for your guillan barre as to find out exactly which vaccines are safe and which aren't with your histor

Hello, you can't have the whooping cough vaccine until after 16 weeks of pregnancy anyway Hun so you've got a while to find out if you can or not :)

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