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Hi guys and girls, I've just checked my BMI and under the NHS I am obese. I was just wondering where is the best place that I can get a healthy a week and three days worth of food for less the £20. I live on the Isle Of Wight, so we don't have many cheap places to shop. I am on a budget as something has come out of my bank which has left me with only £20 to get a week and three days worth of food. But also staying healthy

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Why not check with social services if you are entitled to food vouchers? Although I'm not sure of what type of food is provided. I shop at aldi and they good prices. You can get good deals at places like Iceland and stock up on frozen veg which is healthy and has minimal waste.

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Thankyou very much 😊


I shop around and try to plan meals around the shopping deals for that week. Aldi is really good for fruit and veg super 6.

I did slimming world to lose weight but you could try to do it online through minimums support rather than paying for group. Can pick up most of the gist of the programme from blogs etc.

Batch cooking things like soups help stretch the pennies.

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Thankyou, and I'll have a look 😊


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