Hello everyone I'm new here. And I'm 18 days late have done 3 tests and negative but have symptoms of pregnancy tender breasts lower back pain bloated cramps nausea and odd feeling in my belly.

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Hello, I have the same issue. Only I'm 12 days late , have period like pain, lower back pain, sore nipples and egg white discharge. I've also tested 3 times and BFN every time. I think the next step is having a blood test done. I'm trying not to worry and I don't think you should either.. Apparently some women show when they are 6 weeks or more.

I think your right I'm going to give a few more days then go to the doctor again . Best of luck

And to you darling.. keep me posted. Loads of baby dust 😊

I'm having the same at 9 days overdue! Kind of hoping that it's positive...

Had one negative home test two days ago. I'll maybe make a doctor appointment...

Best of luck to you.

I'd get to the gp either way of you are that late. Although late or missed periods could be caused by stress etc anything out of the ordinary in the lady bit department should be looked at by the gp Incase its an infection or cyst or something else.

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