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Periods returning whilst breastfeeding

so my little one is 19 weeks old today and exclusively breast fed. He feeds a minimum of 8 times in 24 hours, usually more. My first period post pregnancy arrived yesterday which i was quite surprised at as I thought it wouldn't happen until I reduced breast feeding at around 6 months when starting to wean. Is this normal?

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Yeah I am also only breast feeding, and mine returned 5 weeks after she was born. I have had 2 and she's only 3 months! Don't worry. X

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i exclusively breastfed ( still am,) my period came back at 4 months too. X


thank you both, have just had my second one so still irregular. Gross question but were yours different post baby? Mine pre baby were quite painful but very light (I'm talking 1 tampon for 8 hours - lightest absorbency and pantyliners for a few days) now I have mild period pain, more of an ache but much heavier - now using super tampons which are soaking through in a few hours! Tell me they get better??!! It's nice having less pain but I feel like I'm haemorrhaging!! ☹


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