36weeks+5 and contractions

Hi all been admitted in again feel like I live in hospital at fist I came in because I thought my Wath ad broke turns out they haven't and my cervix is still closed however my contractions are 5mins apart have been kept in to see if waters break but have been told I am in labour had anyone else been through the this I'm excited but a little scared at the same time

Em x.

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36 + 5 is really close to term. Hopefully they'll be able to help you get to 37 if they can control the contractions. Any time after 37 weeks you are full term and baby is very likely to be fine too. Have they said if this is the plan? Just had my baby at 38 weeks and he is doing great. Was a good weight too.

Sorry not closer to your experience but wanted to offer some positive thoughts for you.

Hope all goes well.

Thank you I'm hoping he can wait until 38weeks. The consultant is due round today to discuss the plan of action from now pains have increased and baby is doing fine still no water they may let me go home and go naturally or they may induce according to the midwife it's quite a common thing that happen x

Hello, I had my baby at 35+5, my waters broke at 35+4 spontaneously without any pain but they kept me in overnight. Thought I was going home the next day but little man had other ideas and I started labour, a few hours later he was born. Had a pead and extra midwife on standby as they thought he would need help breathing and be in neonates, he was fine, he turned three in March. Hopefully you will make it another two day and not be stuck in for six like I was. Good luck ☺ xx

Gosh it must have come as a shock for them to go spontaneously it's nice to know he's doing well tho now gives me hope we had to have steroid injections at 31weeks as the thought he was coming early then but he's held on in there until now just having contractions that are regular but hopefully we will find out what the plan of action is of the consultant later on today xx

My daughter was born at 35+3 after my waters broke. She was totally fine 5lbs 11oz, totally perfect. I took her home two days later

Just an update we are still at the hospital the consultant is unsure whether my waters have broken or not do being sent for a scan today to see if the fluid has gone down around the baby if so then they will be inducing me if not I can go home and see how it goes but they will book me in to be induced next week if there are no changes as we are now full term thank you all for you advice and kind wordscant wait to meet our little baby boy xxx

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