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could you help please my first day of last period was the 4th Feb and I'm due the 11th off November my circle is 28 days what day did I get pregnant thanks

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You was pregnant from the 18th Feb, you are 12+ 2 days if you use site i linked you which is very accurate as i used it with my first pregnancy after coming across it on baby centre site pretty much tells u all u need to know...i checked yours for u to help here is what it said you can double check yourself hope it helped. X

Ovulation date:Sun, 19 February 2017

Conception date:Sun, 19 February 2017

Implantation date:Tue, 28 February 2017

Due date:Sat, 11 November 2017


thanks its mad but they can tell me by a scan x


They will tell you your due date by scan. For conception it's roughly two weeks after you last period (c 18th feb) but you can't get an exact date. If your concern is paternity (maybe I'm assuming wrong) the only way to know is a dna test

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