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So LG is almost 9 weeks old, she has developed a rather large lump behind her ear, doctor says it was 2cms ish, she has no temperature not I'll and nothing seems to be coming, was referred to children's earlier on in the week for it they said it was due to inflammation of cradle cap or a possible viral infection however the cradle cap has settled tremendously and no viral infection, the lump is causing her pain only when touched otherwise is very happy, just wondered if anyone else has had anything similar, the lump is not going down BTW going to wait till Tuesday to discuss it with health visitor when she has her jabs, it is also a tiny bit red behind the ear any advice or similar stories?

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  • Did they suggest it could be a lymph node? If so they can come up quite quickly with most infections buy can take several weeks/months to settle. I'd try and keep measurements on it and keep an eye on time to see if going down and not changing or getting bigger.

  • Yeah they said it was a bone infection at first but because she didn't have a temperature of anything or have any infection in blood tests it was a lymohnode it doesn't seem any bigger but had gotten a little red maybe from it being proded by nurses and doctors lol

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