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10 yr old Spots before eyes, hard to walk, headache, head heavy, indigestion on and off leading up to it, shivery, slight temparature,

Started last night, I'm seeing how he goes, if he perks up over next 2 hours. He's not scarily floppy or scarily hot. I'd just like to narrow down what it is. Main concern is his weeks of complaining about reflux and indigestion and last night he came in with very bad tummy ache.

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I would def take him to the doctors. Have you given him any painkillers at all? Ibuprofen medicine may help if he doesn't like taking tablets. It could be a nasty virus as there are lots going around at the moment x


Thanks Katie, docs booked for 220

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Poor scone. I hope he's Ok now. Sounds like a migraine to me. Hope the GP got him sorted.


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