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Hi , i was just wondering if any one of you could tell me about their experience of the Be xero vacine which are being offered for babies at week 8 and week 12 i think in the uk.Did any of the babies have any high temperatures afterwords ? If yes , How high was it and for how many days ? I know its a new vacine and in my country its only an optional vacine so i am just trying to get info about the side effects ie: temperature or headaches or fussyines . Thanks for any comments in advance.

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  • My daughter had 3 days of high temps (can't remember how high), she was also fussy. It is suggested to give 3doses of paracetamol (at time of vaccine and two after). She had it again at 4 months and 12 months but was fine then. It does make them poorly but if it can prevent meningitis then personally I think it's worth it

  • I totaly agree . I am not even trying to weigh the pros and cons, just wanted to know what to expect. Did she have hogh temperature even despite giving her paracetamol ? Do you remember ?

  • She did actually. I gave her regular calpol for the 3 days and when it had started wearing off it would go right up again, she was quite sleepy with it too. But after the 3 days she was completely back to normal. My doctors had given me a very good leaflet with all the info, she might be worth asking. I'll check if I still have it ... But I doubt I do heh prolly binned it

  • Is this the meningitis vaccine?

  • Yes menengitis B

  • I had this as a teenager as a lad in our halls at uni got meningitis and sadly died so they gave an emergency shot to us all. I know it is a lot bigger than a baby but it exhausted me for about a week after and I had to take paracetamol to control my temp. So would imagine would take up to 2 weeks for a baby. I am currently looking at getting my three kids vaccinated privately for it as they were not offered it when they were babies. I'd say it's one of the safer ones just make sure you have lots of calpol readily available for at least a week after. Hopefully someone who has recently had their baby vaccinated against it can give you a little more info though X

  • Thanks.

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