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Am i pregnant?

Hi everyone. I really dont know if i am llregnant or not.

My period is tegular and last for 6-7 days and i was due to start my period this month on 17th Dec but i started my period 1 day early on the 16th. Im really not sure if i was on my period or not as it was very light and pink colour then turned to brownish colour. It only last 2-3 days on and off like spotting.

I did a home pregnancy test on the 21st but it was negative. I have few symptoms like flu which has started just over a week ago and just cant get rid of it. I also feel hungry all the time and cramps in my lower abdomen.

I dont know if i should take another pregnancy test or waait a little longer.

Anyone know anything then please help me.


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I would wait another week or so. The first test I did was negative which I did after being 3 days late but I felt very strange where I was very bloated and a lot of cramping so a week later I did another test which was positive. Hope this helps.


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