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I'm 40+4 weeks pregnant and had my sweep this morning

Last night going to bed I felt really sick struggling to go to sleep, this morning at 9:40 I had my sweep and had some little pains what you would expect apparently I'm 3cm dilated, I've been having a lot of heavy discharge but since my sweep I think I've lost my plug! I should mention this is my first pregnancy so i don't have a clue! Every now and then I'm having pains in my back and legs and brown discharge? What is this and any advice to get him moving? I really need him out as starting to get depressed?

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My advice would be to call the triage as they can advice better than a forum. You might be in early labour


Ooo exciting! To get him moving u have to get moving!! Or some hoovering or go for a walk!! Good luck!!


Is he out?! It sounded like he was well on his way!

I hope all went well


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