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Hello Readers I need help!!

My husband an I have been TTC, My husband has started his job 4 hours away, an I took a trip out to see him this weekend after not seeing for 4weeks now. We had Sex Friday (6 days ago) an I had a Watery Cm, 2 days ago it turn in to light Creamy Milky CM, today the Milky Creamy Cm is Heavy..

I'm really Confused because this hasn't happened before, I been having light cramps n lower back pain, tired...

I'm not for my AF until November 1, an I'm always on time... Normal 5 days on AF..

Am I just ovulating or is it baby dust??


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This is very difficult to answer as every women and body is different.

I didnt had the same experience as you, but I do recommend to go to the doctor and have a clear blue test.

I really hope this turns on in a great little miracle for you :D

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Don't bother testing for now. It's too early. Wait till you miss your period and then test. It might mean something or nothing. But to be honest it's s bit early to be getting symptoms so early. If the discharge is very thick it could also be a yeast infection unfortunately.

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