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Hi all

Just looking for advice and support

I have a host of health problems however fell pregnant 8 weeks ago

Went for a early scan due to me having lupus to find I had a blighted ovam no baby just a sac

I chose medical management and it's taken 8 days to fully miscarry

Just this morning I passed this huge thing what I presume was the placenta?? But where is the sac ? Has anyone had a blighted ovam ? What did u miscarry ?

I really wanted this out of me but now I'm sat here and my stomach just feels empty

I was so shocked to be pregnant then started feeling excited then to find out no baby then to take so long to lose it I just feel this past 3 weeks has been a roller coaster of emotions

Many thanks for reading xx

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I'm sorry you miscarried. I've never gone through it myself so can't imagine how upset you must be feeling. I hope there's someone on here who can help and give some advice to you. I had a blighted ovam with this pregnancy. It was twins but one didn't form. My body absorbed it apparently as it was gone on my next scan. They said I could loose the sac as my body could try to miscarry it but I didn't just absorbed it. I guess I felt a little grief for the baby that should have been in there but I'm lucky my other is healthy. I frlt a roller coaster like you but I felt happy for the baby that's was OK but then empty and sad about the other. This is my last pregnancy as I get preeclampsia every time im pregnant and it's torture to deal with the symptoms so was upsetting knowing it could of been twins and wasn't. Like I said havent really been through exactly what you have but I'm really sorry for this situation you are in and I hope you manage to gets some answers and good luck for the future x

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Thanks the the reply

I had pre eclampsia with my first 17 years ago had her 9 weeks early , I was very poorly so I understand you on that point !!

Sorry to hear about the the little twin

It's all been such a shock then excited then shock then the horrible process of losing it

Wishing u well xx


Yeah it's awful they told me I shouldn't get it or get it as bad with my 2nd but was worse. My symptoms don't come all at once I go blind with all the dots and floaters but my BP goes up but no protein then there's protein and bp is fine they think there's something happening with my body that's not pregnancy related that causes me to get it everytime. Was induced at 37weeks last time cos bloods went really bad within 2days of being checked as ok. But im just glad i havent brrn inducrd any earlier. I have cope with headache and floaters but ar leasr baby gets to stay in till its ready. It's crazy. It's nice hearing from someone who's had preeclampsia.

I can imagine it being really difficult. You accept your having a baby get excited then it's kind of ripped away from you. It's cruel and life is crap sometimes but I hope if you conceive again that things go well for you. I find telling someone I don't really know my problems freeing sometimes like you can vent without feeling like you keep going on at same people so if you need anyone to vent to or chat to I'm happy to listen.


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Thank u, u too xx


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