Pregnant Dads?


I'm new here. I'm 10+4 weeks pregnant.

At the moment, everything it's going fine besides the normal symptoms of pregancy (tireness, feeling sick and dizzy, mood swings, etc.)

I got notices that my husband is having the same issues as me, but in a lighter way, sometimes he feels dizzy, moody, disgusted with some foods... Sometimes I say to him "I didn't know you were pregnant too!"

I've heard that sometimes men, due the smell of the progesterone hormones, can have a sympathy pregnancy and if they´re very strong, some also grow their boobs a bit!

Did you got noticed in your partners have this kind of symptoms? I think it'll be funny to share them.

Take care! x


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My husband isn't feeling it but weirdly my sister is. She asked me if I was pregnant before I even knew. She's been feeling sick and dizzy and having a nap every afternoon and her boobs are Killing her. The only symptom I've really got is sore boobs and feeling tired she goes mad at me coz she's got them all. When she went in to labour with my nephew I felt like I was having contractions for her. And her husband craved lime and pork chops through all 3 of her pregnancies. My husband doesn't believe it but it's so weird. We are really close and there definitely is some truth in people feeling things for others xx


Congrats on your pregnancy , hope it all goes well!

With my pregnancy, it wasn't really same but the weird thing that happened to us was that my hubby started to eat more (and he has always stayed on the same weight since we married three years ago) and gained weight! He was craving for certain sweets at times and this doesn't happen normally !

I don't know why this was but I'm thinking it's because he was so happy that I was pregnant 😂


My brother actually had sickness when his wife was pregnant with their first! He also put weight on round his tummy, it's totally bizarre. My sister in law never gets sickness and has really smooth pregnancies also. Makes it even more weird.

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Oh and I am currently 6 weeks pregnant so very early days as I have had many miscarriages. Luckily I have 3 beautiful kids. But we have just returned from a family holiday and my husband was actually saying he has man boobs now and looks pregnant. At the time I just thought it was all the food we ate. I didn't know I was pregnant then haha!


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