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Help! Could I be pregnant?

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Hi all,

I am on the pill, but not that good at taking it. I had sex 2 days after coming off of my period and on my 2nd pill. 10 days later, having not had sex since,I started bleeding brown blook which lasted for 2 days, then nothing for a day then brown discharge for a day.

After that, for a week or so I had really sore boobs, extremely bloated, pressure in my back, tired, sick, headache and emotional, all of which could of been put down to PMS except I was 1.5-2 weeks away from my period. Most of these symptoms have now gone and I should have come on my period today (which i havent)

Sometime I won't come on till the Wednesday so if I haven't come on by tomorrow then I will take a test.

Could I be pregnant though? Could this have been implantation bleeding?

Would I have symptoms like this but then they fade?

I can't sleep at the minute as I'm too worked up, some advice would be helpful

Thanks 😓

5 Replies
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No point in anyone speculating! You could be, but equally, there's a chance you aren't.

It's a waiting game, sadly, one which many women who are actually trying to conceive go through everyday.

Maybe messing up with pill is messing up your cycle, generally.

You'll have to wait and take a test if you're still not sure. Then, go to doctors either way.

Use a First Response test (in a pink box) as they are the most responsive.

Can I also suggest, without being harsh, that you find an effective method of contraception, as in, one you either remember to take or don't have to think about in the same way? Does a baby deserve to be created when it's not wanted and how many times do you want this worry that you have currently? I'm sorry if I do sound harsh, but I am carrying a very much wanted baby at 34 weeks, after along time of trying. Every month I had chosen to try to become pregnant and had to wait to see whether or not I was, usually not. That pain doesn't compare to anything I have experienced before. I had also managed for 32 years, not to become pregnant by making choices. I believe, very strongly, that people make decisions everyday and that by not taking contraception/having unprotected sex, they're making an active decision to have a baby, every time.

I hope you get the outcome you wish for, but unprotected sex = babies.

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Bean94 in reply to SiameseCatLady

FYI, I am in a long term relationship and are discussing starting a family so if it was to happen it would be a very good thing. I was not great with the pill on this occasion for a reason (health issues) and I find it very rude that you are passing judgement on something when u do not know the full story. I myself have had 3 previous miscarriages so if u did not have a helpful respose then I would rather u didn't reply

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"Pregnancy symptoms" are just a result of hormones. If you're taking pill on and off that could do it. So go get tested instead of wondering. I didn't quite understand how many pills you missed etc. bleeding coming and going doesn't mean implantation bleeding also could mean you're not taking pill properly... Withdrawal bleed. Get tested and see family clinic or gp for different contraception. I had the arm implant for 5 years and it was great not to worry... However you might not get a regular period and you might bleed randomly.

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Don't be stressed dear everything will be fine .some time lots of stress is also causes for delayed period

Hi :) have you got it yet? it could be signs of pregnancy (in a couple of mine I got that brown discharge and thought it was my period at first but yeah it didn't come properly :) also it could be hormones related to the pill - did you know you ovulate around day 14 of your cycle (it may or may not happen depending on how well the pill was working) - day 1 being the first day of your period - but the sperm can stay viable for up to 7 days so you could have a small chance of getting pregnant . I got pregnant when on the pill when I had taken it right as far as I know :) and it was supposed to be 98% effective - I was on it for regulation but was not really thinking about that side of things either lol (I was only 20 at the time) - I actually did not notice bcos I had just changed to the injection and even though I should have gotten my period I thought it was bcos of that and they should have done a test at the docs but didn't cos it was due that day silly really so I didn't find out for a couple of months lol - Try not to worry - it will not help you love :) I hope you have someone you can go to for support :)

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