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Molars or terrible twos?

Hi all, just after some of your experiences if any of you have been through something similar....

Just of late my happy, friendly, if sometimes wilful 2 year old 😊 has at times become irritable, frustrated and very emotional. He has also become hurtful to other children at times pushing or smacking. It does seem to be much worse when he is tired/hungry or both!!

In general he is a very smart little boy who talks well and knows colours, numbers, alphabet etc....

It seems to be intermittent rather than a continuous/daily occurrence and at times his sleep is disturbed leaving him tired and making it a vicious circle at times.

Any thoughts on whether this is just the very nature of terrible twos or more symptomatic of troublesome molars?!!!

All experiences shared very welcome!!!

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Hard to say, but tiredness and frustration at not getting exactly what he wants when he wants it is a big thing in their twos. Take him out of the situation and give him some one to one attention, cuddles, offer food. It could be those pesky teeth, can you ask him if his mouth is sore since he's a good communicator?

Just to warn you, terrible twos are nothing compared to when they become a threenager! I'm dreading my lg turning 4 next month...what challenges will that bring!?!


My daughter (2yr 5m) has been quite the same recently. I *think* it's just an age thing but it's hard to say as she often has her hand in her mouth when she's having a strop and has been a bit funny with her food. Keep an eye out for other teething symptoms - loose bowel movements, drooling, rubbing their face/ear on one side, etc.. If in doubt, give Calpol :)


Hi both, thanks for your replies!!! I think it may be a combination of terrible twos and molars really. As suggested I take him out of situation to calm down and we explain in brief why his behaviour is not acceptable and he's quite good at giving a hug and moving on. He doesn't really have empathy skills just yet but I think that will help when he does as he's actually quite a caring and loving boy. He has told me at times his mouth hurts so I give him benefit of the doubt and offer small doses of calpol where appropriate.

We try to keep him well fed with good naps and sleeps so hopefully we'll get through it!!!! Having said that it sounds like the threes could be a further challenge 😆!!! Just nice to hear others face the same issues.

Thanks both xxx


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