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Well after yesterday's post I tested this morning and it came up positive after only a few seconds! I think my husband is now in shock!!

So using the pregnancy calculator I'm around 5 weeks and my estimated due date is 24th August, just days from my sons birthday!!

Now I wonder how long the nausea will last for.......

12 Replies
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I've been reading your previous posts but haven't commented so far.

Just to say a huge congratulations!!

Congratulations xxx

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Yeah baby!

Many congratulations xxx

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Congratulations! Yay! So happy to hear your good news! Xxx

Aw thanks all. Actually feeling a little better today and was starting to worry symptoms were reducing but it's going to be a very long road if I'm worrying every two minutes so I've resigned myself to go with the flow!!!xx

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Oh I totally agree! I'm glad you're feeling better today and I wish you a very healthy pregnancy x

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Congratulations!! Fantastic way to start the new year! Good luck! xxx

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Yippee!!!!! 😘 so happy for you. Xx

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Congrats lady!! Hope the sickness doesn't hit you too hard! Good luck xxx

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Congratulations!! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xx

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Congratulations! Fingers X for you 😀

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congrats it wont last long huni

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