Wired cravings 😣

Wired cravings 😣

I been craving for Edible dirt mud for so long And I can't seem to find a nice dirt, Whenever I go outside to look for it all I see is dirt filled With rocks or dead worms Eewww Yukk 😝 (Hate hate hate worms ) I need serious help because thinking about about dirt just gives me Headache and lots of droll πŸ˜‚

At the same time I don't want it to hurt my baby


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  • I think it's fairly common. Have a word with your midwife or doctor about it as they may recommend vitamin or mineral supplements. It's called pica.

  • Don't worry yourself about it! I craved wall plaster and it turned out I was really quite anaemic, so make sure you get some blood tests done and I'm sure you'll find the root cause. I'd suggest resisting temptation though, I know it's difficult but it's the only way to be safe x

  • Thank you I'll make sure I get the blood test done by next week.

  • When my mum was pregnant with me she craved charcoal! Definitely agree with these ladies, ask your midwife about it. 😊 x

  • I also crave Charcoal but I stop myself from eating it

    I'm so over protective About my baby

  • Bless you! I craved cheese when I was pregnant. Such a boring craving! πŸ˜† x

  • Craving dirt/soil is a symptom of iron deficiency.

  • Avoid having any dirt/soil ever as it may contain toxoplasmosis which can harm the baby. Get some good pregnancy supplements, iron should be in these too.

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