Hard work

Hard work

I remember being pregnant and when I found out I was having twins everyone kept saying it is a blessing. Now that they are home and my husband back at work itsoon HARD WORK. I don't get no help from my family cause they are not happy with my choices. And having a 2 year old as well to deal with don't make my life any easier. It's hard work family or no family I wouldn't trade them for the world. All u ladies out there who are wondering if u pregnant, trying to get pregnant or are actually pregnant. Kids are hard work but it's the end product that matters. That's my 2 year old.


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  • I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant. I think it's naive to think that kids aren't hard work and it's something to be thought about before you get pregnant. Twins might be twice the blessing but also twice the work, double feeds double nappies double crying! maybe having a chat with your husband to tell him how you feel might be a good ideA!

  • Hi Roxanncarr don't get me wrong I am not complaining I have 6 kids I am just saying that people use to tell me that I am bless when I told them I was having twins. My husband is a bus driver and work shifts he also need to get his. But he's done above and beyond what I could ask for.

  • she's gorgeous :) I find one baby very hard work, i feel for you coping with all three! actually i have just noticed that you have 6, wow!! but I admire your positive attitude in spite of the situation you're in. Sorry to hear about the lack of support from your family. It is my view that we should always support our flesh and blood and it is not our role to judge their life choices. Is there a good friend or neighbour or something that could come over every now and then to help out? Maybe try to find shortcuts in everyday life that take the pressure off. e.g. When my daughter was small, she cried all day long if I wasn't holding her, so I bought pre-chopped veggies and stuff to minimise my time in the kitchen! also ironing does not happen anymore, I simply choose clothes that don't need ironing and the rest are in the loft until life is easier !! take care xxxx

  • Thank you Tazmania

  • Hi Mum, they are definitely hard work but not forever, my Grandmum had them three times consecutively and she had all the support as she was in Africa, everyone offered any help they could which is not the case here. She says that she could not change a thing and as soon as they become independent she was the luckiest Mum ever, I am sure you will also be saying the same thing soon, time flies by. All I can say is that if you can ask for help do so but as your family is not supportive that is tough. Make friends and also make good use of your local Mums groups if you can. They will soon grow and believe me you will be the happiest Mum ever. I am talking from experience, all the best....

  • Thank you

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