I think it has finally happened

I think it has finally happened

Got home a few minutes ago and decided to have another test because I was feeling slightly nauseous on the train.

Almost immediate I took the test I knew it was positive as the second line was obvious even before the main one.

Will definitely buy a digital test tomorrow .

This is great news for me and my husband will be surprised as he doesn't want 2 under three (we have a 19 months old daughter).

Will keep you posted.

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  • Wow! I've not really used this type of test before but that certainly looks like what I would know as a positive test!!! Congratulations!!!

    Looks like you'll have 2 children under 3 then!!!!

  • Thanks will confirm with a digital test tomorrow .

  • Looks good to me. hope all goes well. We are about to have 2 under 2 (only for a few weeks!) so 2 under three is sounding appealing at the moment!

  • Thank you so much. I am excited but someone worried -- I am a second year PhD student, currently live in a caravan (static and very homelike). The original plan was to live here until I finish my studies and then we can buy a house. But now its looking like we might have to rent not sure but, I will try and take things one step at a time.

  • I hope it all works out for you! X

  • I'm with you on that one ;-)

    My son is 23 months and daughter is 4 months. Two under three doesn't sound bad right now!

    Congratulations, and all the best!

  • Thanks xx

  • Congratulations! I love these little tests!

  • Thank you KellyTrip!

  • Congratulations 😤 I understand that feeling I remember when I had a positive pregnancy test seven months ago after almost 3years of trying. Now I am 5weeks away from my due date to the glory of God

  • God is indeed awesome!

    Wishing you the very best xx

  • Congratulations hun. It will all work out. Every child is a blessing to treasure x

  • Amen.

    I believe!

    Thanks so much x

  • Digital test shows I am 2-3 weeks pregnant.

    I am so thankful to God.

    Even with PCOS I am pregnant with my second naturally.

  • Congratulations Zahara! How exciting. I took loads of those tests and also a digital one. Brings back memories.

  • Thanks Remysgal.

    I am so excited too... can't wait!

  • PS I have PCOS too - I was happy to conceive naturally just like you.

  • Good to know!

    Let's hope our testimonies give other women with PCOS hope of natural conception.

  • my best friend has PCOS and even though she is not ready for children yet, she is worried that when the time comes she wont be able to. It is good to see stories of hope so that I can reassure her :)

  • If anything based on what I have read, PCOS increases one's chances of multiple pregnancies, one just have to have a healthy life style.

    There is hope for your friend Taz xx

  • congratulations :)

  • Thank you Taz xx

  • wow congrats sister

  • Thank you sist xx :)

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