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Hi I'm new with all this but last Monday July 20 I started to lightly bleed then it picked up pretty heavily and I past some clots one or two the size of my palm and I went to the hospital and they did an ultrasound and said that they could see that there was sign of pregnancy but could not tell if it was a miscarriage or if I just wasn't far enough Along to tell so they drew blood and my quantitative level was 11300 and sent me home and called it a threatened miscarriage then I went back to get my blood drawn again Thursday and my quantitative level (hcg) was 98.3 and told me it was a more then likely a miscarriage but wanted to do one more blood draw witch is tomorrow they said they said cause Iwas still bleeding and cause my hcg dropped so low so fast. But the bleeding only ended up lasting from Monday till late Friday night. What I would like to know is has this happen to anyone else and is it possible I could still be pregnant?


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  • Hi honey, I really hope you and your baby are gonna be ok. I'm in the same situation as you,my first pregnancy, it started as light brownish bleeding on Saturday and is on and off since then . I'm having a scan tomorrow morning to see whats going on.I'm so scared :(. My blood test results came as i'm anemica but nobody bother to tell me about them not until i went to the surgery today to see whats going on., and they booked me to retake them on Wednesday. I pray that everything is gonna be allright with our babys.

  • I'm sorry for what you are going through I hope everything is going good for you and you got good news. I haven't made it in to the doctors yet I was supposed to yesterday but they moved it to tomorrow

    Keep updated so I know how you and baby are.

  • I hope your news are better than mine. I had my scan yesterday and they found out that my baby stopped developing 2 weeks ago. They were really nice with me and explained all the option i can take. I decide for the pills and on my way to hospital to get them right now. It's been a very hard time for me in the last couple of weeks,loosing my grandma and i've been quite stressed since than. I'm keeping my head up and look forward for my next pregnancy. I wish you all the best!

  • I'm so so sorry for both of your lost. If you need to talk I'm hear for you.

  • I had similar at 5/6 weeks pregnant I was bleeding heavy for a day (no clots) then it's turned brown and carried in for nearly 3 weeks in and off, my first scan they found nothing but the second there was a little peanut at 7+4. I'm now 17+1.

    I hope everything works out for you

  • Thank you! Hearing this makes me feel a lot better. I know Everyone is different but this gives me hope. Thank you so much. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and congratulations. 😊

  • It's a stressful time I was content of lost my little one but I got hope of this site fingers crossed everything will be okay! I'm sure it will be best thing is not to get stressed and to carry on as normal, I know how hard it is. If you ever need a chat I'm here :)

  • Thank you

  • I was supposed to go see my Ob yesterday but they moved my appointment to tomorrow. It has me going crazy waiting to see what's going on. It feels like tomorrow will never come.

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