When will it get better???

Hi new to this but so fed up, this is my 2nd pregnancy and it is nothing like the first, I am constantly nauseous and exhausted but on top of that I have extreme stomach cramps. I've had no bleeding but it feels like my stomach is a bloody washing machine. I suffer badly with anxiety and panic attacks. When will the pain start to go or at least decrease! I can barely get up and walk round the place :( have been wanting this for so long but now I am I just want the pain to go away. Please help!


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  • Not sure. I am in my 1st pregnancy. I started cramping real bad and spotting I went to the er I had a uti. That kind of sounds like a uti. Prayers it gets better soon. Sticky baby dust sent ur way. 👶

  • Hi Maryanne24, I empathise as was nauseous for bout 7 months of pregnancy & have previously had issues wiv anxiety & panic attacks myself; it is really not nice & hard to get better - it can be very painful.

    My anxiety was solved by notice of redundancy, having to get job wiv 4 hour commute including getting tubes (I managed 6 months & proud of this), mc of first pregnancy in Jan 2014, switching jobs March 2014 (to where I had 1.5 hour commute) & getting pregnant again July 2014. Our son is now nearly 14 weeks old & a poppet - he has really helped me be calmer as a person.

    Would recommend you seek advice from GP - may be uti or may be able to give you anxiety & nausea meds suitable if pregnant (doc told me Benedryl would help wiv nausea as I needed to take it for hay fever & helped a bit so that wouldn't do you any harm); deep breathing also helped me when having attacks, so paper bag even may help.

    Hoping things improve for you 😀

  • Also I found actimel (when not preg) really helped calmed my stomach down if I took once a day; which helped to prevent the stress & anxiety, which in turn calmed stomach more & eventually I could eat more again & life felt easier. Ask doc / MW if u can use this once baba born - if will be breastfeeding.

  • Not sure how far you are but there could be lots of reasons for both, ask your midwife to check your iron levels, exhaustion is caused by lack of oxygen which believe it or not come from low iron levels. And sickness is good! Sickness is caused by the increase of hcg levels in your body which high levels equals a healthy pregnancy, have you had a scan yet? It could be twins as your hcg levels are much higher then, hope that helps a bit xx

  • It will get better! It wont be forever! Take care of yourself! :)

  • Cheer up it only lasts nine months

  • Thank u everyone for your comments. I'm meeting my midwife on Monday so will speak to her about the issues. My partner is less then helpful with things so just feel abit alone so thank u for your replies they have helped a lot. X

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