Feeling crazy!

I got pregnant naturally in March after trying for 5 years and 1 failed IVFcycle.

We were over the moon to gind out beginning of April but unfortunately i had a miscarriage at 9 weeks and since then i had 1 very heavy but short (3 days) period.

My next period is due this Friday (10July) but its bern around week or so i have feeling that im going to come on... my boobs are not supper sore tho But my hormones all over the place. I literally told my hubby that i feel like i want to kill him (after he was hurrying me out of the house this morning so we are not late). The other day we were discussing holiday plan and i got so (not even sure if it was angry) but basically i through note pad i had in my hand flying to another end of the room.

I did pregnancy test this morning (the basic one) and it was negative.

Am i getting crazy or its just hormones after miscarriage?!


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