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I have been to see the midwife today for a routine appointment she has told me that I could have a bank holiday baby. I explained the pains I've been getting very sharp stabbing pains through my bladder and burning sensation pains in my groin area. She checked and said the baby was very low and nestled nicely in my cervix.

Has anyone been told that their baby will come by the midwife and it actually happen? I'm a little bit sceptical by the whole thing as on my first baby they said he would be here by the Thursday (induction day and I was induced)

Thanks I'm just looking for others to talk to on the possibility of her being right.

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Our babies could have the same birthday! My due date is Monday. 😊 I've been having similar pains the past week, which got really sore last night. I got myself so panicked that I might be in labour I've now got a very bad headache which I can't shift. I don't know how they can tell when your baby is coming until labour, they've told me loads that it could be any day now from 10 days ago and I'm still here with baby in belly. 😒 hope whatever happens, it goes well. Charlotte.x


Personally I wouldn't put too much emphasis on what the midwife said based on my own experience - although everyone is of course different!

I'm currently 34+5 weeks with my second child. I've had really bad stabbing pains for a week now which resulted in me going to the Day Assessment Unit on Monday as I kept doubling over in pain. It didn't feel like contractions, but came from the inside, like you said as if it were in the bladder or thereabouts. My GP had dismissed it as pelvic pain, but I had really bad SPD with my first one and it didn't feel anything like it.

Anyway, on Monday they observed me for a while and hooked me up to machines but said all looks well. They reckon it's because the baby is lying very low (sounds like yours...) and that this might cause the pain. She said it still looks very unlikely that I'll be going into labour any time soon - so the opposite of what you were told!

During my last pregnancy I had a check up at 40+2 at 1.15pm. The midwife at the time told me that it'll still be quite a while as the baby's head wasn't even engaged yet - and yet again exactly 24 hours later at 1.15pm I was holding my baby in my arms!

Also, on my baby's birth day, I went to hospital in labour and asked for an epidural. I was told I was only 2cm and it'd be another 12-18 hours before the baby would make an appearance. 20min later I was fully dilated and an hour later by boy was there (never got the epidural as it was too late...).

All I'm saying is that every woman's body is different. So maybe there's a chance you may have your baby on Monday, but who really knows? I guess it's what makes it so adventurous ;-)

Good luck either way!



hmm baby being low is an indicator that things might get going ... however also depends what your cervix is doing and things. also some ladies go from nothing to pushing in 8 hours whilst others can be 3cm dilated for days and days before anything gets going ..... My baby didn't fully engage until I was already 7cm dilated and very very much in labour. She had been still very high up when I arrived at 5cm dilated.

fingers crossed for you! x


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