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Advice needed

Right mummies I'm in a dilemma. So I'm only 18 weeks pregnant. However, when I was a baby I snapped my hip which I have had an awful lot of pain throughout my life with. Now I have become pregnant its absolutely antagonizing and I really struggle to have a full nights sleep. My job involves me getting on a very busy train and rushing through a very busy train station which results in me getting barged all over. I have really contemplated leaving there as I can't do the traveling nor have the energy to do my job when I am in continuous pain all day. I'm on codein which also make me very sleepy. Would I be able to go to docs or midwife and explain the problems I'm having and get signed off on early maternity instead of me leaving as obviously j really need the money is this something I can do at 18 weeks?? First time mummy too btw

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Hi are you under consultant care? I started with PGP at around 24 weeks which was early they said. The consultant at the hospital actually signed me off now till delivery which isn't till may. I will have to start my maternity leave at 36 weeks but its around the time I would have gone more or less anyway. I have time now at home to rest and whilst it wouldn't go it will help stop it getting any worse.


I am yes, I've rung my doctors and notified them and they are going to ring me back to discuss leave am I better off discussing this with my midwife?? I can take maternity leave 11 weeks before my due date so doyou think the doctor may sign me off until im able to take maternity??


The GPs are generally quite good and understanding when it comes to pain and issues with work. It's my second pregnancy and we moved during the first one, so had a range of GPs. During my first pregnancy I had terrible PGP and as a teacher found it very hard as I had to constantly be on my feet. They got me physiotherapy sessions but they didn't help much.

What they might do is refer you and sign you off for a little while to start with. I doubt, but I guess depends in severity, that they'd sign you off for the remainder of the pregnancy already. But I reckon if you go back to the GP and explain that you feel you might need to quit the job due to your pain they'd be happy to help and at least give you a break and refer you. You should be under consultant led care really, aren't you? I'm not sure what power the midwives have in terms of signing you off, so I'd speak to the consultant or GP.

By the way, I don't think you should quit if it's 'just' because of the pain - you should instead receive the right support and care! Would your job allow for you to work from home at times, for example? Wouldn't work in my profession, but depending on why exactly you do there might be some options?

And finally, being off work and not doing much for over 20 weeks will drive you crazy at some point, so maybe see what can be done to support you in terms of therapies (hydrotherapy as well?) or being signed off for intervals in between. I've been on codeine for the last tree weeks and know how tiring it can be, I was signed off work for two weeks for illness, now I'm coping better again (23 weeks pregnant).

Hope you'll be able to manage with better support!


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