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Age difference between babies!

Hi all

I am wondering what the age gap is between your babies. I have a little boy who's nearly 12 months and we are thinking of trying for another. I want another one but I am just trying to figure out the best age gap to leave. Any advice will be greatly received. my husband and I are in the position to afford and love another bundle of joy x

Thanks xx

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I don't think there is a best age gap. Whenever you are ready! We are aiming for our son to be about 2 and a half when the next baby is born (he's 12mths next month) but if it happened before for any reason that'd be good anyway :-) x


I agree with hotdiggitydog, it's a very personal thing, you need to decide what will work for you. We have 2 years and a couple of weeks between ours, I was hoping for more like 2 1/2 years but we started trying earlier because you never know how long it will take and it didn't take as long as the first time! Remember, it's hard work having a new born, sleep deprivation etc, so factor that in. I love that my 2 year old still naps, so I could nap while she did during pregnancy if I needed to and now if I can co-ordinate both to nap at the same time I can catch up on some sleep now too. My 2 yo loves 'helping' with nappy changes and washing the baby, but she gets a bit overly enthusiastic sometimes. She won't remember a time without baby so no problems there, but an older child would be able to help out more. Remember, pregnancy takes a toll on your body and it takes about two years to settle down, my hips were a lot worse second pregnancy and I pulled a muscle in my leg first time and tore something in the same place second time! If you've got lots of family nearby that can help out, go for it, it's a lot harder when they're further away.

Also, if you are thinking about moving house, do it before you have a second child, my husband said banks don't take one child into consideration when working out how much they will lend you, but once you've got two they'll lend you less!


I have a 15 month old and number two is due in January so remi will be 20 months by that time.

We were thinking the same, when she's a year we'd start trying again but it happened a little earlier than we thought which is absolutely fine. It took us a while to get pregnant the first time around so to be honest it was a surprise but at least it had taken the stress out of having to 'try' again


Lc1982 I am in the same boat as you. The only difference is my oh isn't so keen and I'm taking driving lessons. I don't think I would be allowed to take lessons whilst pregnant. Btw my oldest is 5 n my daughter is 3 n the youngest is 10 months old


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