36+5 with a breech baby has anyone had their baby turned by a doctor and does it hurt?

Hi my son has been breech since 28 weeks and seems extremely comfortable. I just wanted to know if turning the baby hurts and if it was necessary? I was told that if its unsuccessful or something goes wrong I will have an emergency cesarean. Can I refuse to have the turning done?

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Everything regarding your baby's birth is your choice, let them know what you want. If you want to try turning it, I've heard it is painful and there's a chance baby could turn back before labour begins. Some mums manage to give birth to breech babies. My sister-in-law elected to have a c-section, so it was booked in. Is it your first baby? Some babies do turn late.

My hypnobirthing teacher offered to do a turning script when my midwife thought my first was breech, I went to hospital and had a scan to check and she was head down - just had a bony bum! So you could explore the hypnobirthing route, which would mean you were completely relaxed and baby would turn themselves, it has a higher success rate of baby staying head down than manual manipulation.

Whatever you choose, good luck!

Hi Winnie thanks for the reply its my 2nd baby my first is 7 so its been a while. My midwife hasn't given me the option to have a normal birth she just told me they would turn him and or c-section something I don't want so I will try hypnobirthing. Thank you

2nd babies are more likely to turn later than firsts as your muscles have already been stretched.

Look up a local 'Wise Hippo' hypnobirthing practitioner. It will cost you, but I thought it was worth every penny.

Ask your midwife about trying to deliver naturally, it may be that your baby is in a breech position that is very unlikely to be able to get out. Ask to speak to a different midwife or the supervisor of midwives at the hospital you're booked into, if you want a second opinion.

I will do all of the above thank you x

My baby was breech and I was offered the Ecv. I agreed to this and it was very, very painful and baby still stayed breech. So, I had a planned section and I would do it again.

My baby was breech all the way through. Completely folded in half :-) they didn't offer me ECV, (can't remember why, it was 9years ago). They wanted me to consent to a c-sec but i refused and went on to have a normal vaginal birth with epidural. It took a while, 36 hours, but she arrived safe and sound as I had a hospital midwife experienced in breech. At the end of the day make sure you research it and know all the risks to each option, know your body and trust your instincts. Normal breech birth, ECV and c-sec are all options but what is right for one person is not necessarily right for you. x

Thanks for your comments I will look into it properly before I go to see the midwife tomorrow

2nd babies don't engage til quite late (even until your about to go into labour my midwife told me), so it's possible that baby can turn and sort itself out naturally. I hear doctor turning baby can be painful, but can't be as bad as the consequences of a c -section if it works. There are lots of things to try to get baby to turn- most of them involve scrubbing the floor so that you are on all fours for considerable times.

You can give birth breech, but it is more painful. And it is up to you - you get to choose if it's planned C-section or if you are going to brave it. However, an emergency C-section is always a possibility if things don't go right, though obviously not really desirable. It's just one of those things that if you decide not to elect a C-section, you will just have to play it by ear and be guided by an experienced midwife. Good luck, whatever you decide.

Hi ladies good news my little monster was head down when I went for the scan today. It was such a weight lifted. Thank you for all your advice and support xx

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