Fussy 6mths old, won't sleep and eat

Hi ladies, my LO is 6mths and is always fussy even in his sleep! He still has colic and he's on soy milk, I'm trying so hard to deal with everything, at night he wakes up every hour tossing and turning cause of his tummy, I've tried every colic mixture you can find some works for few days the minute he's used to it, it stop working and he doesn't enjoy meal time! He cries a lot during feeds from first spoon and he spill the food it takes an hour and half to feed him I'm always exhausted and feel like I can't take it anymore! Everyday is a struggle! Anyone with a tip who can help please

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Sorry to hear your little boy is in so much pain :( if none of the remedies your using is working perhaps get him to the doctors to seeniftherenis anything else they can recommend? Sounds as if your both exhausted! I really hope it gets sorted soon x


I agree, would be good to talk to your GP. A lot of babies who can't tolerate cow's milk also can't tolerate soy milk. Perhaps lactose free milk like Nutramigen would help? We got some on prescription and my lo is so much better.


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