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I am 7weeks pregnant no heartbeat and blood clotting is there anychance my baby will be okay??


I had my scan on 26th and i thought i was 13 weeks but baby measured 7weeks and no heartbeat.. i broke down i got home and just didnt know what to do, i sat and worked out dates as best as i could and realized doctors got it wrong and i was dead on 7weeks and because i wosnt eating alot maybe heatbeat maybe hard to find. Thursday i had ldark brown blood when i wiped i got took to boston hospital where all they did was book a scan for monday and told me to rest.. saturday i started blood clottibg and bad pain now and again. Is there anychance when i go back to scab my babba wilp be okay or is this finally it. This is my 3rd misscarge and ots never happend like this, i can not stop googling and recking my head about whats happerning ???

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You should probably give your EGAU clinic a call and see if they'll see you again. You sound so worried. They will be able to help you. Good luck


Sorry to hear about your condition but it appears as if you lost the baby, if there's no heartbeat then that's it. I had 8 miscarriages and two chemical pregnancy, the last one was in February when there's no heartbeat. Don't you think I know how you are feeling ? Yes I do. If you are loosing them in the first trimester then you need to go and see a consultant regarding that. I am still trying even though I have check history of miscarriages, I have them both in first and mid-trimester. It's a constant battlefield am on and no one knows what you are going through unless they walk in your shoes. Keep your hopes up as I am doing even though it's pretty hard to do at times but hope is the anchor of our faith and it will see us through.

I know the day will come when I will hold my own baby in my arms, no matter what doctors says, my God who I served have the final words, He said be fruitful and multiply and if we only believe, then He will grant us the desire of our heart. In life we are face with situations that we never desire to encounter with but we just got to deal with it and get on with life. Yes it's a bit unreasonable to be going through these things but such is life. If the bible says we should have children then why should we believe the devil never ending lies about problems with our reproductive system ? Doctors can only do so much because he's man and his knowledge is limited but God is the creator of life and not man. Never listen to other people who are telling you God has design it that way, no He never did, He said by His stripe we are heal and nothing is impossible with Him. Sometimes things happen to us for us to acknowledge who He is, so keep your chin up and BELIEVE what He say He will do.

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I believe and trust God with you my darling, I know ppl will say this is not a "bible study" which its not, but children is a gift from God and he's going to bless you both with this precious gift xxx

;( is there any point going for scan tomorrow to be told same thing?

Thanyou for replying.. i have no pains nothing today. If i ring up they will send me tp boston just to be sent home to gp back tomorrow for scan. Its just heartbraking that its happend and boston never did any checks who do i contact to complan about it?

Ohhh ;( i am sorry to hear that you have lost 8 i just dont get how such a horrible thing could happen. This is my third one but the otjer two i had no pain and no bleeding. i feel fpr.you and i wish you look and soon you will be able to have a heathley baby doctors and hospitals should do alot more tp try stop this fromm happerning.

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Thanks, and I wish they could do more to help but sometimes they themselves are just helpless

I had my scan today and i have sadly misscared i have ti go back in two weeks to make sure it has all come awat and i am getting checked out to find out why this keeps happerning. Thankyou for all your comments and help

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So sorry beaybear. I hope you get answers you can work with. Sending love xx

So sorry to hear that, but glad you will be getting checked out. Hopefully you will get some answers

Thankyou so much. I have to go back on the 16th to make sure its all out but i dont know if i can taje it its so heart braking. Then got to wat for a letter about getting looked into. Anyone have any ideas when to try again and how to prevent from this happerning again??

Thankyou for your comments means alot have to go back in twi weeks i dont get why hospitals but you throu all this just even more heart ack :/

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