Is anyone gave a birth or planning to give a birth in NEWHAM General Hosp(London)?

Hi Ladies,

Im wondering if anyone had their babies in Newham General Hospital recently or planning to have the baby there? I have read so many mixed comments but mostly bad comments. When I was there it wasnt any worst than other NHS hospitals. If anyone have experience or heard about the birthing centre pls share !

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I have no experience with that hospital but the maternity hospital I gave birth in had mixed reviews too but I had the best experience and couldn't fault it. I think it can depend on the state of mind you have when you go in - if you are worried or in a bad mood you will notice every little thing and find lots of things to complain about but if you are in a super good mood everything will seem fine lol my advice is to have a positive outlook even if it doesn't live up to expectations you will hardly notice when you are in labour - there are some things you can't control so the experience is what you make it xx


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