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Hi I posted on here a while ago about naps. Up until last week I thought I had it covered. Wait for a little sign he was starting to get sleepy get a blanket and put him down. It worked everytime. Now however no matter how early I spot he's signs he won't go down. He is getting older now at 4 months so startig to stay awake longer which I thought would help him sleep longer at night but now we have no naps during the day unless we take him out in the pram or in the car. He's nighttime sleep is becoming less and he will always wake at 2 no matter what time we put him down. After this he takes about an hour to get back to sleep then he's awake again an hour later ready to play. Anyways my question is, is this just a phase and will it get easier. I knew having a baby would mean sleepiness nights I just thought that would be in the early days and would gradually get better. He seems to be doing it all back to front. Sorry for the ramble x


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  • I'm going through the exact same thing, my LO is nearly 5 months but its been happening since he was 4 months. He goes to bed at his normal time and then wakes around 3 for a feed and nappie change and won't go back over. Yesterday I spoke to my hv since it was really starting to get to me, she confirmed what I kinda already knew. He was waking at the start out of hunger and teething pains, he's still hungry & I think he needs the feed cos the bigger he is getting and still on a bottle will need more( he weighed 17lb 11oz yesterday) but he got into a habit cos when he fussed I would lift him. She told me I have to be strict, when he wakes lift him change him feed him and put him straight back in, make sure that everything is the same as when he first goes to bed, ie. music lights etc. and then no matter what do not lift him, just put your hand in stroke his face to let him know you are there and take your hand away again, I used to keep it in trying to settle him. I did exactly this last night and after an hour struggling he gave in and went back to sleep & woke at half seven and we got up, so very similar to his old routine so I got up, I'm hoping to ight it takes less time and cos his nap times had reduced aswell I'm hoping that getting back into this routine will help that. Apparently it's very common at this age, google four month sleep regression. Sorry for the long reply but hope it helps x

  • No worries on the long reply :) thank you for replying. It did help. I think it's just nice to hear that other people have been or going through it and that hopefully he will be back to his normal self soon. It's good to see him growing up. I guess we can't have the best of both worlds hey x

  • There is also sleep regression at 4 months. Might happen to some people and not others. My son is 6 months and is now in own room and wakes once although in the last month he has been ill and waking loads. There is alot goin on and he doesn't want to miss it.

    I kno we all need our sleep but I dont kno why people fret over it..before I was pregnant I never slept through the night so I dont expect my baby too. X

  • I wouldn't say I'm fretting over it. I understand that he is young and will wake it's Just it's a sudden change to what he was like. I was just asking if other people have been through it that's all as I hadn't heard of this 4 month sleep regression

  • I think this is a little harsh Ceribean. The poor women is only wanting to know that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. As with babies some adults can manage sleep deprivation better than others. We all fret over different things - well done you for not fretting over lack of sleep xx

  • I am not being harsh at all, I hav been through the mill myself recently and in hosp with my baby and no I haven't slept, I didn't mean for it to sound harsh so if thts how you took it I apologise, every baby is different, some of the girls I tlk to on here there babies sleep through most nights some don't, not having sleep is a killer but it will get btr, check out the wonder weeks app also.

  • My LO is exactly the same and he's also 4 months. I really struggle to get him down for naps in the day now. He's the same as yours in that he will only fall asleep in the car or when we go out for a walk. Depending how tired he is, I can get him to fall asleep if I put the cooker hood extractor fan on! White noise drops him off, have you tried anything like that?

    Night times have never been good so the 4 month sleep regression doesn't affect us as there's nothing to regress to lol! That's what your LO will be going through though. 4 months is a time of major development & they are processing all their newly developed skills in their sleep x

  • Thank you for the fan advice. I shall try that for the next nap time. Again it's nice to know that this is normal thing and that other people are dealing with the same thing be it only a phase in our little ones growth x

  • Little fan update.. It worked.:) thanks for the advice x

  • Brilliant!! :-) xx

  • I'd never heard of sleep regression either but mine is 4 months and is still sleeping through the night. Obviously no two babies are alike though. I just googled it (what did we do before google eh?) and found this facts and myths page; it says sleep regression usually hits between 8-10 months.

    The is some interesting info here...

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