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My baby is 16weeks and we are struggling with nappies I have used asdas aldis pampers and all leak in bed reguardless of t being 2hours 5hours 12hours they almost always leak! Does anyone have any tips. Or tricks to stop this or a good brand I haven't tried!

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Oh that's not good. Have you tried the next size up?

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We've always uses Aldi and found them really good? It does depend on your baby and their shape.

Only things I can think of is - have you got the best/right size? Our leakages have usually been when he needs to move up or too big?

Also do you always ensure the leg cuffs are 'untucked' properly? This holds things in.

Sorry if these are obvious and you're already doing them!xx

I've not had a problem with any leaks - she'll be 15 weeks on Monday. I've only ever used pampers. Dunno if this is a silly response but having not had a boy, I don't know if the direction of their 'little fella' makes a difference?

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point down not up ! : 0

I use pampers baby dry overnight, the full 12hrs all good here, no leaks, Sains currently in day. Only leaks we get are full on up the back poops and I challenge any nappy brand to keep those at bay x

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My daughter is nearly 15 wks old & I also use pampers baby dry & seem fine through the night, depending on how much fluids/ water she has had I do feel the need to change her during the night feeds.

It may sound a bit obvious but are you using the right size?

I have the exact same problem & my boy is 16 weeks aswell, changing size didn't work & then I was thinking maybe it is cos he moves around a lot at night, changing to asda active fit in the same size and last night no leaks. Fingers crossed for tonight, the cuffs seem the be a lot better & they seem to fit him better. I stupidly thought the only difference was brand and size now I realise there is active fit nappies, super dry, new born, sensitive and all sorts for each brand and size. Is he moving around a lot?

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Hmm we use pampers and hav had about 2 leaks in the last month but tht was due to him being in size 3 rather than 4..boys tend too go and it just goes in one space whereas girls spreads around a bit. Definitely something wrong if the leak after 2 hrs..def all secure. ..the ones u said r the only ones I wud try..personally don't like sainsburys or tescos nappies x

My little boy is also 16 week's, and when he was around 5 weeks, we had leakage all the time! My washing machine was on constantly! I used pampers and Sainsburys 'little ones'. We mainly use pampers baby dry but we still experience the odd leak (like, this morning!) at one point I thought pampers leaked more than sainsburys. no advice to add really, hopefully u find a nappy that works soon. I know how frustrating it is!

I had the best bit of advice from my friend who had boys, always make sure their willy is pointing down when the nappy is done up otherwise (like me) he was peeing and it was coming out the top of the nappy!! My LO is 5 weeks and is inbetween nappy sizes which is a pain but I just have to make sure it's done up tight enough otherwise it would leak. You may already do this if not hope it helps xxx

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sounds silly but do u pull the frills out ? i allways do but my partner tends to forget and often thats when a leak may happen ... il try explain best i can ! once the nappy is on run ur finger from the back to front the leg openings , where its elasticated and kind of pull it out ways , dont just put nappy on and fasten front !

make sure ur using the right size nappy , too big just as bad as too small

i use pampers baby dry or active fit i dont rate own brands at all , iv tried aldi , asda & boots . i prefered huggies up to size 3 with my son but u cant buy them now really ( u can get a few big sizes in clearance shops ) the only time i had a real problem was when my son was about 18mts & in size 6 at bedtime cos he needed a bigger size really & would sleep at least 12hrs but he gradually stopped weeing so much at night ( he still has a pull up now & hes 4 ! only an occasional leak ) any tips on getting dry at night welcome guys

Frills are out winky down (learnt that one the hard way lol) he weighs 12lb 6oz and is in size 3 9-20lb nappies I think I will try pampers 2+ up to 15lbs and super dry. He is very lazy in bed and doesn't wriggle at all! boys ey! Almost had a shower this morning luckily it went on the carpet and not in my hair again!

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Lol as soon as nappy comes off..put a wipe on his winky saves a x

I have a girl, but remember from my Bro's childhood that he surely use to piss on his face while my mum would prepare to change or massage him and cry (hahahahahaha that makes me giggle even now !)

Have you tried the re-usable ones, I use the little lamb bamboo nappies for my wee girl have never had a leak and are very good absorbent

i have tried to to use sainsburys brand nappies and just 30 mins and my boy was soaked, changed to pampers and no probs, still using easy up for the boy and new baby for the girl. i would rather spend few quid extra but not worry about leaking.

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I buy my pampers on amazon I get 196 for £18 x

^^^ Me too - last ones I got were size 3 - 156 for £16.50. She'll be in size 4 when they are finished :) Quick and free delivery.

Hi we use kiddicare nappies and they are excellent they cost £20 for a months supply and if you don't use them all before baby needs a new size you can take unopened ones back and they will refund you, my daughter sleeps for about 12 hours overnight and is always dry with them. If you haven't got a kiddicare near you you can order on their website.

I used Aldi nappy they leak so I have got back to pampers which I find really good. Aldi nappies leaked a lot + found than a bit tight around the legs.My little one is only 5 weeks old.

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