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1 day over due Why do I feel so disappointed in myself?

I'm now officially a day over my due date and really can't wait for baby to be here now but I can't help but feel a little disappointed now and slightly upset. I know babies come in their own time but I'm really struggling with the pelvic pain from my spd and thought that it would possibly be over by now. This is my second baby and my first was 2 weeks late and weighed in at 10lbs 09oz. I had a sweep yesterday morning and had a show this morning but still feel a little down Could this be my hormones playing up?

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A lot of women feel low just beforellabour begins x Please don't be disappointed im yourself your doing a amazing thing and your baby will be here soon xx


You're doing really well, especially coping with SPD, too! And having a show sounds like things are going in the right direction :-)

I can see why you may feel upset, you're excited to meet your baby and it's frustrating having to wait! Sounds like hormones are definitely getting in the way of your emotions too.

Please try not to feel disappointed in yourself. If you look at it logically:

1)Babies come when they're ready, never mind when we are!

2)It's a situation that as parents we cannot control.

3)You've not done anything wrong!

I think, deep down, us women have an 'ideal' image of how our babies will be born. Of course, we discuss the options with our midwives, but it doesn't stop us thinking that our babies will be right on time, the delivery will be painless and we will all look fabulous throughout, with no screaming whatsoever. I'm not gonna lie, I still have this image in my head (I'm 21 weeks), although I know it's highly unlikely (every time I think it, another thought comes along and goes "Yeah....right...pahahaha!")!!! But, when something in our pre conceived thoughts change, then there is an inevitability that we will feel disheartened, especially (as I I said earlier), when there are a ton of hormones raging through our system!

Try and take each day as it comes now. Be kind to yourself - don't overdo things, and try to relax when you can. Have you spoken to your midwife about how you can relive the pain caused by SPD?

Keep us updated with how you're doing :-) X


Hey. Part of it will be the build up the due date provides....a massive expectation that the baby will be here (even subconsciously). We all know babies come when ready but I think you just can't help but feel cheated when the due date comes and goes. Definitely hormones will be making this feel worse than it is and as you are in pain I bet you just concentrate on the relief giving birth will bring you.

The show sounds very positive and your body is getting ready now so it can be anytime. Just keep doing whatever you have been able to to keep active...I'm sure your other kiddie keeps you busy :-) lol. Spend the however long between now and baby's arrival looking after yourself and indulging in your fave things to do/eat...within the limits of pregnancy and spd unfortunately lol. You'll soon be through it and holding that gorgeous baby x


Agree with all that these wise women have already said... I am approaching D-Day with no.5 and having been late with them all it has never got easier to take the big day drifting by, even though I know the length of pregnancy is not an exact science! And I don't have SPD to contend with too! On the upside I've always had a darkest before dawn day just before going into labour so maybe reaching that really grim moment of "When will it end?!" is a good sign too in a funny way. I hope so for you - all the very best. x


It seems to me that most babies born in January/ February have been late arrivals. I know 3 ladies who have been "over due" recently. My suggestion to you is don't get worked up over it and relax as best you can, baby will come when baby is good and ready. My little boy was 5 days late he was born on 16th Jan


All mine have been winter babies except one - my mum always tells me it's too cold outside!


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