Hey all, 14pound baby how much does your 14pound baby drink?

Hello I was just wondering I have a 14pound little girly and wondering how much is she meant to be drinking oer day. She has between 24 and 32 normally with an odd day where she has a bit more. Shes on the 8th centile but she is 5 months now and shes a tiny little tot compared to other 5 month olds I have seen.

Sarah x

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24 - 32?? What liquid measurements are you using? According to the formula tins, the guidance is about 210 mls (7oz) for 14lb babies. x

I guess 24oz-32 oz so I guess u feed her 6 times a day roughly. To be honest seems normal as my son whose nearly 20 weeks was 15lb 4 when I weighed him 3 weeks ago and I think boys r often bit bigger. .I bf so I don't know what hes taking to b honest but as long as shes gaining weight then I would of thought everything is fine. .xx

D'oh it's the total amount per day! Makes sense now lol

At 15lb8 and 20 weeks my baby is feeding 4 times a day totalling about 31oz roughly a day. But he also now has a bowl of porridge for lunch made using 2oz of his milk too. But sounds like your little lady is feeding fine x

Thank u.every1 I was really worried she was under eating but she had 28oz yesterday. Ill be taking her for a weighing wednesday. Xx

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