Lower back ache

I'm 24 weeks tomorrow and have been really lucky so far in the symptom draw, as in I've pretty much got this far symptom free. However for the last week I've been getting increasingly worse lower back pain. It's right at the very top of my bum and it's getting painful to sit or stand for any length of time. I'm at a computer most days so perhaps need to look at how I'm sitting but I fractured my coccyx about 8 years ago which doesnt help and am worried it's only going to get worse from this point on. I'm signed up for a fit back and bump class that starts next week but I wondered if anyone had found certain things or exercises that help?

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Hey genine. You should ask for a desk assessment at work. If you work in an office they normally have a person that will come out and see if you need a special chair or to adjust your equipment. I had to do an online questionnaire and because everything flagged red a woman came to see me and arranged special chair, foot rest etc!

As for your pain, have you tried using heat patches or hot water bottle? I fractured my L2 9 years ago and heat really helps me! Luckily my bump was pretty small so I didn't suffer too much more than normal but if you are finding it hard you might want to see if you can get some specialized physio xx

I've been getting awful pain there as well. Shooting, twinging pain and mum thinks it might be the nerve down there (that I can't spell lol) getting trapped. So going to have it checked. Might be the same thing? X

Oh hi Chelsea Knight!! yeah possibly, it cant be weight for you yet surely? it definitely feels like its the bones. Going to ask midwife what free care i can get xx

Thank rach - always the first to reply to me :) havent tried heat yet, that didnt occur to me so will sit on a hot water bottle tonight! hopefully the midwife can refer me to a specialist? xx

It could be sciatica too, particularly if the pain shoots into your bum cheek and down your leg? Also maybe try a bit of swimming too if you can? Asking your midwife to see a specialist is a good idea. Spending the rest of your pregnancy in pain will be no fun at all!! :( xx

No it won't be weight. Although I do have a bump now! The pregnant belly has begun :s I think mine is sciatica as it goes straight into my right bum cheek. It's horrible lol. I'm sure your midwife will be able to advise you. X

Hi chelsea im 23 weeks i had the same kind of pain last sunday was really sore. Pain at my bum down my right leg and groin was sore. It eased off monday afternoon. I think it was sicatica or baby sitting on a nerve. If still sore get your self looked at x

Could it be pelvic girdle pain? If so go see the doctor who can refer you to physio. I had it with mine and I was in agony by the end. I ended up using hot water bottles in short bursts, and just trying to lie flat wherever possible. The physio gave me a elasticated belt thing which also helped. Hope you get it sorted

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