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9week old nap pattern

My LO is just over 9 weeks now. I know every baby is different hut I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and what they did. He's sleeping well at night anything from 5-7 hours straight but during the day he just won't go down even tho he is clearly tired. Rubbing the eyes ears and slowly closing the eyes. But it seems as soon as that happens he wakes himself up screaming. This happens throughout the day then when it comes to bed time he is very overtired and screams some more. Any advice on how to get him to nap more during the day or will he eventually grow out of this x

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My boy James did not nap in the day for about 10/11 weeks! He just wouldn't. He'd doze off during a feed and force himself awake straight after.even as a newborn he barely slept in the day. He has been a good sleeper at night. All I found is he started napping suddenly himself. We would get up, feed, wash and dress, play and he would conk out for half hour. And now he does that in the afternoon too. Basically I think the more active they become the more energy they use so need to nap. X


My little boy went through a phase like this at about 9/10 weeks old! Refused point blank to sleep in the day, and if he did go off it would last about 10 mins!! He grew out of it after a few weeks! Think the only time he properly slept in the day at that phase was when we went to the big shopping centre, the warmth and constant pram movement hot him off! Xx


James doesn't sleeping his pram....he wants to look around too much. He'll give in if it's been a couple of hours xx


My little one was exactly the same. I couldn't understand why she fought sleep so much. She's now 18 weeks and goes down to sleep readily during the day now. I can't remember when it changed exactly but I know I started putting her down before the tired signs as when overtired she was such hard work. I also changed her to sleeping in the same bed as night time, with curtains closed instead of in Moses basket in the living room. My little one even now, cannot stay up for more than an hour and 45 mins. If she goes past two hours she's a nightmare to settle. I now put her down after an hour and a half and she usually settles reasonably quickly. Maybe try to work out the timings that she is showing tired signs and put her down before these set in. Your little one is still very young, so don't worry too much. Will he sleep on you? Sometimes my priority was to get her to sleep by whatever means - so on me, in a sling, in the pram and at least that way she was less cranky and it helped me work out her pattern. X

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Yeah he sleeps on me sometimes that's the only way he goes to sleep. Again I don't want to get him into a habit to early. He is the same as your little one. He can last 2 hours maximum before he gets grouchy. I will try putting him down a little earlier before the signs kick in x


Thanks. He will sleep as soon as we put him in the pram for a walk or in the car seat but I don't want to get in the routine of that being the only nap time. Hopefully it's just a phase and he will grow out of it x


At 9 weeks you want him to get the sleep he needs. I let my lo sleep on me when she was tiny, in the sling, pram and in my arms and she is a great sleeper now (22months), whatever you do now doesn't have to become a habit and actually it's handy for you if he'll sleep in the car and pram as there will be times when you will want him to - my lo takes ages to fall asleep in her buggy now, but sleeps well in her bed for naps and overnight.

Number 2 is on it's way and I will definitely be putting him in the sling for the first few months as I will need to keep number 1 amused!

You cannot spoil a baby, wearing him is beneficial to his and your health. Makes him feel safe and loved and increases your bond. He's spent 9 months inside you listening to your heartbeat and your voice and you expect him to get through the "fourth trimester" already being independent? He's still adapting to the outside world, it won't be long and then he won't want to be held in your arms.


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