It cant be time yet?!

So im 33 weeks and 2 days and all day ive had terrible backache. Work was a nightmare, i had to keep taking breaks every 20 mins! Since i been pregnant i havent really had much back pain and if so its not been this bad. Its at the bottom of my back.

Also my belly keeps tightening and baby is moving quite alot (more than normal) and its been like this all day. Even now its hard to sleep with the pain. Im due to start maternity leave xmas eve. Could this just be braxton hicks? I hope it aint labour. I aint even packed my hospital bag yet!


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  • Also i have period like pains aswell.

  • It sounds as if the baby is could just be "gearing up" for arrival soon but this doesn't necessary mean you could go into labour just yet.

    Many women start to feel their babies "engaging" during the last trimester stage of pregnancy & it's usually down to how active & mobile you are how much you may feel happening.

    Is this your 1st pregnancy then ?

  • Yes my first. I do work hard and probs push myself alot. But I've always been like that! Never rest until everything is done!

  • Certainly sounds like Braxton Hicks but if you're worried then speak to your midwife or triage unit. I had a lot of them in my first pregnancy, including the day before I went in to labour, but even that close triage couldn't tell that I was nearly there, so if the monitors can't pick it up then there's no wonder we mums to be struggle to tell! I've had them quite a lot this time too, but knowing the difference does make them easier to cope with, unfortunately you will only learn this through experiencing true contractions. Despite what the books and internet say I do find them painful in their own way, and they can stop me in my tracks, but mostly I just find all my movements become very restricted and that it's very tiring fighting against them for hours on end. I'm afraid I haven't any words of wisdom to stop them, sometimes sitting or laying down helps but sometimes they just keep on. Good luck, not long to go now.

  • HHmmm sounds very suspicious to me. If I hadn't gone into labour myself at 32weeks with my 3rd I would say that it was probably Braxton hicks BUT I would get yourself checked out, it wouldn't hurt to give your midwife a phone call just to tell her your symptoms and she may ask to see you. With my first I had a achy back and thought I had a chill and was lying on the sofa for 4 days then had a midwife appointment and thought I had Braxton hicks at 36w but she actually confirmed they were contractions but she wouldn't examine me as I was under 37weeks.

    Can't believe you are 33weeks already, you will be holding baby before you know it.

  • I know times gone so quick! Cant believe any day now it could happen! Nervous much...

  • Sounds like your baby is figuring out where to go and the braxton hicks are helping them along. I'd suggest going to see your midwife and getting checked, just in case. Being your first is most likely nothing more than your body gearing up for the big day but better safe than sorry. Good luck and let us know *hugs*

  • U can have labour pains in ur back and not ur stomach def get checked out triage are always there for things like this :)

  • I am 29weeks and 6 days and my first ,don't really know what the symptoms are all about. just wishing you goodluck dear

  • Thank you. All the best for you too

  • I'm having similar at 32weeks. period like cramping and pressure down below and they really hurt. I'm off to midwife tomorrow and will enquire, I'll upload a post here with whatever advice i get or explanations. Thinking it is just the start of engagement, but needs confirmed. It rather brings it all to the fore and the anxiety of realising within a matter of weeks we will be somebodies mummy. scary but lovely at the same time xx

  • I cant even get in contact with my midwife! If u could post any advice that would be much appreciated. I think babys just getting ready!

  • hey baby j. midwife says its just braxton hicks and they are rather strong. it is just ur body getting ready for the big day. Apparently, all is extremely normal but keep an eye on them and take paracetamol if needed. Ring triage if u find it gets worse :) xx

  • Thank you!

  • Call your maternity triage department, explain how you feel and can't get in touch with the community midwife, they should help you out! X

  • I been having back ache when I was 30 weeks. Bad tummy saw midwife at 32 weeks + I was having Braxton hicks. I'm 36 weeks now the baby keeps moving on my right hip which is not nice. I'm in pain every time I walk I finish work yesterday.

  • Sounds like Braxton hicks n the baby probably moving more down into your pelvis. As I've had the same since about 32 weeks n as of 36 weeks she was engaged I'm now 38 + 4. I'd Call the unit to be on the safe side but I think it's the baby getting ready good luck xx

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