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How to get a baby back on the bottle?

John's never been keen on the bottle but he'd started taking it very well and was even beginning to enjoy a little bit of water. But since his jabs has refused it point blank. We've tried expressed milk, even dipped teat in first to get smell. Different times of day, for his big feeds or his snacks but all result in him screaming and refusing to eat. His longest was nearly eight hours as we'd offered him a bottle in the morn. He refused any form of food after that crying and carrying on if we tried, which makes us less inclined to try him on a bottle. We think is because of rota virus, give him that then jabbed him he's associating anything that's not me feeding him with the painful jabs. Running out of ideas and breast milk is not enough to fill him now and taking a lot more out of me as well as meaning completely tied to him again. We were planning to go out xmas shopping at weekend without him, just for 3 hours but how can you leave a crying baby that refuses food with anyone? Even his granny who says we should still just go x

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he will eat if he knows theres nothing else on offer, I leave finley with the mil once a week and he does the same thing,causes bit of a fuss but once he gets tht there is nothing else he has it. are u giving him a bottle, because if u r he can smell b/milk on u so he knows he can cause a fuss and u will feed him. get ur oh too keep persisting and u leave the room for a shower etc. I don't give my son a bottle, in fact I don't attempt it cz I kno the fuss will come. dnt worry about leaving him cz he wont go hungry once knows its bottle or nothing... x


I don't feed the bottle as he wouldn't take from me anyway. Doesn't seem to matter if I'm not in room, but maybe he knows if he fusses enough daddy will call mummy (even if she is in the shower)? Perhaps his mums right, sounds cruel but maybe leave her to try and get him on bottle whilst we're out x


he will take it, yep he will cry, fuss and all sorts but if he knows its bottle or nothing then he will take it, its horrible to watch but I hav been perservering as when I go bk to work on 12hr shifts my son will b on bottles so he needs to get used to it so hav been starting now so by march theres no probs x


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