My lo is 3.5 weeks old & I breast feed. Im really struggling to get him down at night as he seems to really struggle with wind as soon as he lies on his back. He makes straining noises like he's really trying to push something out then he'll start crying like he's in pain. I'm at my wit's end, I'm so tired coz he will only sleep on me.

He wasn't always like this, I'm wondering if the infacol is making him constipated (even though he still has runny poos) so I'm stopping that now. He's been on it for a week but I'm not sure if it's doing more harm than good as he never used to be so bad to put down. It's the straining I hate as I feel like I can't help him, he hardly ever burps. Please tell me what to do!!

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  • Forgot to mention that he will almost always fall asleep once he's finished feeding and he's absolutely fine whilst in my arms but as soon as I put him down he's awake within seconds and will start straining.

  • U shud try colief...much btr tban infacol and made my son much more happier as he was in alot of pain and he wudnt sleep in his basket. .we were co sleeping all the time so we cud both sleep but colief I found did wonders. ..expensive but I went to dr and told them it worked and for a prescription which saved me lots x

  • Yes I agree coilef is brilliant stuff works wonders my little one would scream in pain with wind, defanatly try it infcol did nothing for my little one.

  • My lo had a similar thing. We had to burp him after feeds even if he fell asleep because it wasn't worth the pain afterwards. We propped his bed on an angle so his head was higher, then ultimately we had to put him on baby Gaviscon after trying all of the colic relief brands. He had silent reflux, which no midwife helped us with. We had no support & it was agony for 4 months (it started at 2 weeks), till a friend (whose daughter had it) helped us out. I hope this helps

  • How did you know it was silent reflux, did you see your GP? What were the main signs in your lo?

  • My LO had a similar problem. Try feeding as upright as you can manage. Also see if you can get on a baby massage class - it works wonders at helping getting rid of trapped wind!

  • My son suffered terribly with colic and trapped wind. We tried all the usual products but not much helped. It was heart breaking to see him in so much pain. I had the colic nurse come to my house to teach me colic massage - ask your health visitor- she taught me some really good tips to help relieve him. One being lay your LO on his back, and bring his knees up to his chest gently about 6 times. This always worked for my boy and he would expel any trapped wind from his bottom! The nurse explained that some baby's just have difficulty bringing wind up from their mouths, but to relieve some of their discomfort, any way out is good!! By 3 months though he was a lot better so hang in there, as there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck.

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