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Could I be pregnant !!

Hi just looking for some advice I was due on the 22nd nov stil had nothing I've done a test and come bac nt pregant I'm feeling sickly nw and again and goin off me tabs as nt smokeing much I ave pcos I have two children already how long can u do a test at in the past I've done loads and all wud come bac nt pregnant then a while later positive cn any 1 help

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u could be pregnant, it is possible. False negatives can happen as some women take longer to build up the hormone HCG which is what those tests detect. Could it be possible that ur pcos is delaying ur hormone build up (as I read somewhere that women with this syndrome regularly produce insufficient amounts of female hormones normally). I'm not a med expert and could be wrong, but it is worth having a chat with ur gp for their opinion. xx


Yeh with pcos u have more male then females but after me lil boy I went bac to every 28days my last period was on 20th icy I'll wait a few weeks and c wat happens is it best to do test. In the morning


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