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18 + 6 and no bump! :( please tell me it will come soon.

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I have my second scan next week and am scared my baby isn't growing as I am a small build and have no bump so there's nowhere for it to be! When did everyone start getting their bumps? X

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I was about 25/26 weeks, make the most of not looking like a hippo lol xx

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Really?! Wow ok so I don't need to worry then! I don't want to have to wait that long haha I want to be a hippo! Xx

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lol dnt worry it will come, x

I didn't start showing until basically my third trimester! Now I can't believe my size and I just keep getting bigger & bigger. You long for the bump but my goodness, I think its given my wee frame a big shock haha! Try not to worry, not everyone shows immediately. Everyone is different, but it will appear and then some :P! x

I'm quite "thick-set" at a 14 and my bump started quite early, became slightly noticeable about 13/14weeks. But every woman and body-type is different.

I had a friend who was pregnant about 9/10years ago and she was a real slip of a girl, only about a size 6/8 who had to shop for clothes in the kids department (bless her) and she didnt show any signs of a bump until she was 6months pregnant and even then, she still only looked in the early stages. She had a really healthy baby boy 6lb and a few ounces.

Don't worry as I'm sure ur baby is fine and growing as it should be. As Ceribean says, make the most of not looking like u ate a pie shop lol xx

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I'm quite small and my bump showed very early. I loved it and wanted to be huge...I was all bump and got massive for my size and height. But then the magic ran out when I got millions of itchy stretch marks across my whole belly towards the end as I got too big and my skin couldn't cope either. I could barely move towards the end. I think the idea of it is much better than the reality lol!! Enjoy the size you are now and as ladies have said above you have time to get your bump going good and proper :Dx

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Different bodies vary mine started showing at 12 weeks by 41 weeks I was soo huge!!dont worry it will come x

I am also 18 +6 and got quite a noticeable bump now but it is my fourth baby...with my first I wasn't noticeably pregnant until around 24 weeks. It will come just as the others have said everyone is different. You will probably just pop suddenly, remember with my first being desperate to look pregnant by the end I was huge lol. xxx

Dont worry i didnt get a little bumb till 20weeks (wich i was greatful as got married at 20weeks and people could only see a ickle pod lol). Once i hit 24weeks my bump appeard from no where lol it will come in time xx

Thanks everyone I will stop worrying and enjoy being a size 8 for as long as I can haha xx

I didn't really start to show til 28 weeks, then became all bump very, very quickly!! Size 8 to beached whale overnight!!!

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