Joshua's world - a ramble about having a new baby boy

Joshua is now 5 1/2 weeks old and I now can't imagine life without him around. He's adored by his big sisters and of course by Dad.

We've had our ups and downs and many a sleepless night but time is already passing by rapidly. He seems to constantly be changing and looking through photos is so different from the little bundle that came home from the birthing centre mid October.

Joshua has had his first Smile That Definitely Was Not Wind (for his dad of course!) and his first illness with a fever which reminded me how scary it is to be responsible for such a little person.

I could still sit for hours watching him and cuddling him if only life didn't get in the way...

I like to look at his different physical features and try to work out who he is most like - dark brown eyes like me and his eldest sister, bendy thumb joints like his dad and younger big sister and the strange-looking Morton's toe (2nd toe longer than big toe - no offence meant to 10% of the population with this :-) ) like Dad and older big sister. So fascinating!

I feel so blessed to have this little man in my life :-)

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What a lovely post, I'm glad he's settling in so well. I wish they didn't all grow so fast - I'm forever telling Ada off for changing so much so quickly!

Keep enjoying him. :-) x

Thanks. He's also getting longer and heavier and starting to outgrow new baby clothes. Also I've had to take him up a nappy size as smaller ones no longer cope with his 'outputs'!

Ahhhh baby's are amazing aren't they. .. they really do bring out the love in you... life and routine and how busy and wrapped up in everyday life sometimes makes u forget to appreciate that love that u feel for ur family but babies def make u realise xd

So true x

blimey thts gone quick, he looks a cutie in his pic. its amazing how quick they change and I am doing the same looking through the pictures and taking loads xx

It is flying by far too quickly and scary. My teenage daughters suddenly seem so big but it seems not long ago that they were tiny babes. Makes me feel old!

My camera has never been so busy and was a wonderful Christmas present last year especially considering we didn't have a clue I would get pregnant again! xx

They do change so quickly! I can't believe how fast the time is going! Love this post :D x

Thanks :-) they do change so fast and Iit's amazing to witness that x

Aww what a lovely post. Thank you, you've cheered me up no end. Sat here thinking this will be me soon now x.

Thank you. I'm glad my pst cheered you up. Yes, the pregnancy stage soon disappears and fades from memory. Are you due soon? x

A week tomorrow. And the reason I'm still awake is that we are not sure but think waters may have broke! I was in the bath, which was the one place I didnt want to be......can't be sure if it was waters or just had a wee! It felt like the water just rushed out though without me doing anything and now waiting to see if contractions start!

Ooh exciting! Sounds like it was your waters. How are you getting on? x

Yeah it was my waters. I'm currently bouncing on my birthing ball to keep things moving

Hopefully not long left now until things get going :-) Good luck x

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