Little Swimmer!

Hi Ladies! Today Eoin and I had our first swimming lesson!

I managed to time his feed just right so he wouldn't be hungry but he was awake for about 40 mins before we'd even got there!

He was youngest baby there and whilst he cried a little to start with he soon settled down and took everything in!

He fell asleep whilst getting him dressed and still asleep!

They say that babies will be tired and hungry after but never mind the babies I'm knackered!!! A real logistical operation but all went smoothly and can't wait for next week!!


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  • Awwww that's lovely :-) we go swimming with our 3 lil un's every Sunday (its the one thing they all enjoy) I think it is great to start them early :-) glad eoin enjoyed himself xx

  • How old is he again? Think he's a little older then my little one X

  • He was 12 weeks this week. He looked so tiny in his little swim shorts!

  • Oh I need to take James asap! I cant wait to take him but I wanna go when daddy can come with us coz in a wimp haha! x

  • I know what you mean Eoin's Daddy is working away for the next 5 weeks when the lessons are so Mummy had to be brave! Daddy is gutted but we're going to go on weekends with Daddy x

  • Yep weekends is the time for us too so he can definitely come! I think James will love it...he's such a water baby :D x

  • Ahh I think he'll love it and good to go with Daddy too. Eoin loves the water too but I gave him his bath tonight and he was a bit grumpy - think he'd had enough water based activities for one day!!! Bless x

  • Haha! Yh don't push your luck mummy! x

  • Ahh, we want to start going. He loves floating in the bath and I don't want him to have my fear of deep water. Daddy wanted to take him on weekend but his 1st vaccine is Friday and am planning for him to be out of sorts. Besides, have not looked into local facilities yet Xx

  • My midwife originally told me not to wait for vaccines (Eoins only had one lot) but the GP said best to wait??? Bit confusing, I was worried today thinking perhaps I should have waited til he's had 12 week vaccines too?! Still no letter from Dr's about them though.

    There are quite a few franchised businesses that do classes for under ones (little swim company, puddle ducks) or at the local pool temp needs to be 30 degrees I think xx

  • No need to wait - the 'concern' used to be contracting polio, but there hasn't been a case of polio in the UK (contracted in the UK) since the 1960's. current NHS guidance is that they can swim from birth (though people may want to wait as chlorine isn't exactly delicate skin friendly!) x

  • That's great to know, thanks Dr Fluffy! Saved me a sleepless night. Hope you don't mind me mentioned before Johnson's products are a no no and even my Dr said it's like washing your baby in washing up liquid! What do you use instead?

  • For the first. 6 weeks we didn't use anything other than water :-)

    We now use Bert's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash - had some as a present at my baby shower and it's gorgeous! It's much more expensive, but you need so little. We do have J&J, but after what my HV drummed into me, I'll wait until he's a toddler to use :-)

  • What's so wrong with J&J??

  • My HV said not to use it under any circumstances! Apparently not very gentle, and responsible for a lot of contact dermatitis.

  • I have just one thing to say about this.....pish tosh. That is all

  • Each to their own - it's advice a lot of new mums are given today, and there was no way I was risking my LOs skin - just not worth it!!

  • I've never known anyone with problems from use of those products. To me it's just not a risk. I wonder if we'll be able to use water soon...maybe that's next on the ever growing hitlist!

  • I've never really thought about it. J&J baby lotion burns the hell out of me when I've used it on my psoriasis. Just googled 'health visitor told me not to use Johnson's and a lot comes up...

  • Yh tends to be a lot comes up about everything! Internet is useful but evil at the same time. If it's dangerous, we would have known after all these years and we will know when they ban it lol. That sucks about using it for yourself :-( I'm like that with most things. Everyone says use dove it's so's like acid to me haha! :D

  • Me too - the only thing I can use and that my skin has never 'got used to' is Nivea soft. Also discovered waitrose baby bottom butter - which apparently had a cult following as a face cream for mummies when it first came out :-)

  • i was bathed in johnsons up to toddler age from a newborn and i am fine. for a product tht isn't nice to the skin its awfully popular. lol

  • Haha if he's anything like James after his jabs, he'll just be floating asleep in the pool lol!! Probs best to wait as you say ;-) xx

  • Sam starts Water Babies this week - can't wait :-D

  • That is SO cute! I'm 33 weeks preggers but this is something I definitely want to do with Baby Nutella :)

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