Last one - night terrors?

Apart from waking himself up gagging my son is also waking up once or twice a day squealing. Just one squeal and when he opens his eyes is terrified and will cling to whoever picks him up for a few minutes until he settles then is fine. Is obvious something scaring him, but could it be night terrors? This early might just be to soon to tell? I know my brother suffered with them but everything been told and read suggests they don't have these until 9 months+ if not night terrors what else could it be? x

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  • Hi, me again :)

    My mum also calls them "night terrors" too

    If Im honest Ive always thought "what has a baby got to dream about really? I mean its not as if they've seen or experienced something bad yet is it "

    The only conclusion that comes to my mind "personally" is when they're being born it can be quite a scary Lil episode for them & therefore they may remember that moment of coming into the world as something like "OMG what is goin on :)"


  • Read something that suggested that and beginning to think could be right. Bless, wasn't a traumatic birth really, but he came into the world so fast must have been frightening! Beginning to think this is what could be x

  • Aw. My bubba squeals sometimes as well and wakes himself up suddenly. I think it's just when they are going into a deep sleep and they make a noise. I've done it myself....though not a squeal lol. When I'm going to sleep and made a noise randomly that woke me up with a start! x

  • My lo is 9 weeks and does this squeal and whimper in his sleep. If I rock him he becomes content after a few seconds but he does look upset and scared when he does it. I'm convinced its bad dreams, don't know what else it could be...

  • My wee baby does this. He wakes crying so badly. Screeching cries. If I get to him quickly and put dummy in this soothes him over again. I don't think he's really fully awake when this happens. He is 17 weeks old now but has been doing this since he was six weeks old. Our family all dream. But I thought too - what does a wee baby have to dream about

  • Must be bad dreams. so awful to see upset and know can do nothing to help. Thankfully a cuddle usually settles or even just letting him hold a finger and he soon settles. Hoping he grows out of them x

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