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When did you get your booking appointment letter?

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I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant (although I think I conceived later) but I still haven't had the letter about my scan appointment.... did other people have to wait ages for this or should I call and harass them?


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I'd give them a call, I got my letter through not long after having my 8 week midwife appt. It might be different depending on hat area your in though x

Thanks, EmBee, I've only seen my GP so far :(

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Oh really!? Have you not seen your midwife yet and had all your notes filled out?x

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Hmm, no. Just my first GP visit. He took lots of notes and referred me on. I've just checked my hospital's website and they aim to be in touch within 2 weeks so they may have lost my referral. Argh!

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Oh no :/ well I'd definitely give them a call first thing in the morning!x

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I had my scan letter a week after telling my gp im expecting but no booking appointment yet im 7 weeks xx

I got my letter the day after I actually had my scan!! I had to phone up and harass them until I got my date and time! But my area is quite known for that! If your concerned just give them a phone to get it moving along, I ended up having my 12 week scan at 15 weeks! X

Thanks, Mango401, I think I'm going to have to do that too! Looks like my first job for tomorrow.

I got mine at about 10 weeks but I saw the midwife at 9 weeks..call them and tell them u havent seen a midwife yet and u need a scan date. They gave me a date over the phone so make sure u get an answer. X

I waited 2 weeks for my appointment x

I would contact your midwife and chase it up. I left it two weeks and then found out the hospital had lost my referral!! Having scan next week and will be nearly 14 weeks.

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So annoying! Good luck with your scan x

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Thank you :-D just hoping work are okay with the short notice. I'm a teacher so cover can be difficult to sort. Hope you get your date through soon x

Hi everyone, thanks so much for this. I called the hospital yesterday ... luckily because my first appointment is this morning! I also have my scan booked for 4 November so all is well.

Phew! Thanks again for your advice xx

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That's great :-D good luck x

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