Labour, how will i cope??!!

Hi ladies, i have 6 weeks to go until d/d - my first baby. As the time gets closer to the big day im getting more and more scared as to how i will cope during labour. I have no confidence and just dont think i will be able to do it :(. Im currently reading hypnobirthing - just for positive thoughts really but not finding it helpful in any way! Is anybody else experiencing these worries?? xx

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  • We must be quite close as I have 7 weeks , what your feeling is normal Hun , books helped me to be more calmer bout it on my first child , this will be my third , and still very scared and nervous , once you have your baby your forget bout all ur worries, positive thinking is best and music that makes you feel happy , xx

  • Yes,

    If this helps to put you at ease in anyway, im preparing to give birth to my 2nd child in roughly 3 wks time & Im absolutely worried about how it will go :)

    I obviously know what going to happen (on labour day) but for some reason I keep thinking very silly things like I wont make it to hospital in time or I'll be in so much pain that they will threaten me with a C-section or something.

    Just like you said I keep reading a few stories "on-line" about birth & labour (worst possible to do, i know) just to stay as positive really but It doesn't seem to help at all.


  • Thankyou, i keep trying to think of the end result and know he will be worth every second of pain, i think it is the unkown which is scaring me so much xx

  • I think it's the fact that childbirth can also be unpredictable too as you hear so many stories of women going into hospital to then be sent home as they may not be dilated enough to then have the baby decide to move further down the birth canal.


  • i am now expecting my 2nd but i was the same with my 1st 8 years ago and tbh its completely normal. Staying calm is the key which i didn't and had to have a c section anyway but that's another story!!

    The midwives will know your nervous / scared and are really good at calming you down.

    Have you had a look round the delivery suites yet? it often helps to know what you are going into before hand.

  • I gave birth 6 days ago and all I was shouting is I can't do it !!! But before I knew it my lil man was in my arms :) as a woman it may be the hardest thing you do it was for me but worth it ;) we're all different and so is every birth but remember you CAN DO IT !!! And you will xxx

  • I was terrified of giving birth. Was convinced something would go wrong. Yet within a few hours of baby arriving (thanks to a brilliant midwife) I informed my OH I wouldn't mind doing again at some point!!! Think it is just fear of unknown. Thankfully our bodies know what they are doing and help us out x

  • You,ll be surprised just how much you do cope with. Trust in yourself women are built for this. Before baby 1 I thought and felt exactly the same yes I did panic but I'm sure we all do it a new experience. But here. I am and number 3 was born just over 15 weeks ago. And I still wonder how on earth I did it. :-) the key is to relax take it easy and as it comes if you can't deal with pain then sort it from the start and have a epidural. I did with number 3 wow the best nd I was totally against. X

  • Hi Danni27,

    I was really worried and was adamant I was going to have an epidural - I am a big fan of modern medicine and pain relief! Of course labour didn't go to the plan I had in my head. My labour was crazy fast and in the end I didn't even get paracetamol! It hurts like hell but Having a 17 week old at home now I realise that labour is the easy part. You will be fine and you will cope. Believe in yourself - your body will have no choice but to manage somehow. And this is coming from the biggest scaredy cat that ever walked the earth! Best of luck!

  • Much the same for me! That was the easy bit ;-) X

  • Hi there, there's a lot of good advice posted here and I hope this starts to reassure you. I think it is the fear of the unknown, having never had a similar experience, rather than what will happen which is scaring you.

    In today's society modern childbirth has become medicalised and controlled to the point that women need to be 'cured' as if they're ill, but childbirth is deeper and more primal than that. I suggest that you re read the hypnobirthing book and really ponder over the rhetorical questions.

    - If birth is supposed to be painful why do women keep doing it? Simple answer is because were designed to do so therefore we are able to cope, through instinct and will.

    The discomfort associated with birth has a lot to do with using muscles that you've never used before or even knew you had! But more women than not have a stress free, natural labour without problems or intervention and medical help over all. It really is just a couple of hours of your life and in comparison to the whole 9 yards pf pregnancy it really is a breeze.

    I suggest that you talk over your fears with your midwife and consider if it is worth contacting a hypnobirthing practitioner. Remember, you are much stronger and braver than you look. I hope this helps :)

  • Totally normal, so console yourself. :-) you will be fine. I would also recommend some breathing techniques, I think YouTube have some which may help. To be honest your body takes over and knows what to do, so try to trust in yourself x

  • thank you all so much for all the positive comments :0), some great advice which i will continue to read up until d/d lol! thanks again xxxx

  • Hi there!

    I am due in 6 weeks time as well and exactly feeling similar worries. I have been trying positive visualisation, just thinking of the precious moment when I'll hold my little bundle of joy in my hands for the first time. I am sure it will be all worth in the end :) I have also been gathering a lot of information so I am well informed and aware of my options and prepared for the big day!

    Good luck and take care x

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