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Bottle troubles.

My little Finley is a month old on fri. I hav been breastfeeding only...nxt Saturday I hav a wedding to go to which I am bridesmaid. ..I dont plan to take him as he is gonna stay with daddy...which leads me to my question. ..I hav expressed milk and tried to get him to take it tht way as obviously daddy/mother in law will b feeding him but he is struggling with it and gets worked up so I end up having to feed him normally. . I am just trying with one bottle a day to try and get him in the nxt 11 days used to having a bottle so I can feel satisfied he wont hav trouble feeding while I am out...anyone giv me any advice on what I cud do to help him as I kno I am probably confusing him.

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A month! Time is flying by! What about trying change the teat? Is Just ur nipple moulds to their tongue and the bottles don't so much. .. have u tried the nuk I think they are called teats? My daughter wouldn't take a bottle so I changed it to a latex teat and she took it straight away. ..I have tried to look for them but can't find them anymore so the next best thing I can think of is the teat shape x

Ah it's tough trying to introduce anything new with feeding! Have you tried letting anybody else give him the bottle? I found that my eldest would quite happily take expressed breast milk from his dad but not from me - probably because I smelled of breast milk and he associated me feeding him with the comfort and closeness of normal breastfeeding. Might be worth a shot if you haven't already. Good luck! X

My mother in law is coming over later so I might see if he will take it from her as he looks at me when i try and giv him a bottle as to say no chance when the real thing is right there lol. If he doesn't will hav to look at different teats. Thnx ladies x

If he wont bottle feed have you tried cup feeding??? Some breast fed babies find it hard to swap to any others have suggested you can try different teats but if this fails try cup feeding. Most young babies will lap at milk if the cup is tilted so the milk is at the edge and then placed next to their sure you could get better instructions if you looked online or asked your health visitor. Good luck xxxx

I had this trouble with my little girl after she got discharged frm scbu, she wud only drink frm thr soft teats & not my Avent bottles. My husband went 2 the pound shop & got thr bottles with the really soft teats & she guzzles the milk down. Spent a fortune on expensive bottles & teats aswell.

Oh dear worry worry worry,

I guess you have a month to keep trying your little Finley with expressed breast milk in a bottle. hope he takes to it so you can enjoy your day as Bridesmaid without too much worry. x

He took some when my mother in law did it...not tht much but enough but as I was in the room he wasnt convinced so tomorrow will get daddy to do it and will leave the room and hope that helps. I kno he will take s bottle do am bit more reassured. X

Hi hun

WOW! a month already :-)

Just trying to introduce new feeding techniques to babies is a tough one, but im pretty sure he'l get it eventually.

As you already mentioned try & see if he takes the bottle from his dad but also try not to disturb them in any way as if you do this Finley will reject it.


You could try feeding him with a cup and do some practice before the day. It might be that daddy needs to do this as mummy probably smells of milk which may add to the agro. Doiddy cups allow small people to see what they're drinking so you could use it for when you're ready to wean anyway. As long as you follow good hygiene (sterilizing and warming) then there's no written rule that says you must use a bottle to feed expressed milk.

Or could you look to station daddy and baby in the vicinity and slope off so baby can have a quick guzzle in between duties, then back to stations? Either way,you'll find a positive solution for all, I hope this helps :)

Good luck Ceribean, we used tommee tippee bottles and teats which worked for us. As the other ladies have said try different people feeding him, and different teats perhaps if they are happy to, try skin to skin contact as he may also want comfort/reassurance so perhaps Dad could feed him with his top off too?

Agree with what has been said - it is probably easier for his daddy to feed him as he will be more inclined to take it rather than thinking 'why aren't I getting it direct from the milk bank?' After a lot of struggle with various bottles with my first and 100 different kinds of teat we started using a cup as mamacool suggests and she took it - we have done the same with all the others successfully and it was a much less stressful process than the first. Just my experience for what it is worth. Good luck.

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