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Pee, pee and more pee!

sorry. was determined not to moan today, but just not working! Seem to have spent all my time running backwards and forwards to toilet through night and this morning (Not the easiest thing to do when need a crutch to do the smallest of tasks now). Back to feeling super sick on and off (makes a change from same sick feeling all day though). Stressed looking at things still feel need done, got really OTT annoyed OH hasn't emptied kitchen bin. period like cramps on and off (not regular) stabbing pains in hips and back. And generally feeling out of sorts! Been the loo twice since starting this post!!! (def tmi) Please let this be start of labour and not be going to drag on. OH convinced I'll go this week (think mostly its a hope cos he's fed up of me whining and doesn't want to say lol). Anyways. Sorry, is generally another moan. Going for a shower and hopefully will help me relax :/ x

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Poor you :( know how you feel, I honestly now have to plan my trips so there is a toilet within a five minute walk!!! Hopefully this is the start for you though! Try not to stress yourself out to much. Coming from me that sounds funny as i am literally the worlds biggest stressor!! Hope this is a sign of things to come for you or that you feel better soon :) the joys of pregnancy huh!! But that all won't matter once you've got your wee one in your arms :) xx


I've Been feeling really sick on and off and boy I'm struggling today and I feel so bad tempered shouting at everyone in having a nice Bath and early bed. .. feel like the baby is going to fall out and feel likei need a big poo! How ur feeling better!!!! :)


Well you are in the right place to come and moan, We all feel like we have taken moaning to another level so you are not alone hun.

The only time I am comfortable is when I am laying on my back lol.... sitting up (baby in my ribs) Walking too long ( I need a pee ) Laugh, sneeze or cough I leak (YUK) I am 33+5, I cant bend down nothing, I want my body back but I don't want to rush either cos once baby is here I am really gonna know about it lol. We should have a thread for MOANY MUMS lol x


Lol. Thank you all. Is good to know not the only one. Yest was just my actual snapping point I think. Switched everything off and went on a mad cleaning spree. Don't know what the neighbours thought seeing me attempting the stairs with bags full of rubbish. Even though was in a lot of pain felt quite energetic. Had to keep stopping for hot flushes. OH took one look when got home from work and asked if I'd worn myself out. So shouted at him for a bit about the things he should have done that I'd done through day. He apologised and asked if was anything he should be doing now taking all wind out of my sails so I broke down in tears instead and he made dinner! As well as picking up anything that I'd dropped on floor or just couldn't reach. Also had felt stronger and stronger pains most the day getting more regular so was slightly getting hopes up, but of course they fizzled out. never mind today is a new day.

can't wait to not have to plan loo stops. Can't go anywhere don't know has a loo. we def should just have a thread that when just want to moan we can just add on to lol. Lately I'd never have been off it! Last night before bed baby went mad (more than normal) every kick and punch was painful, back up into ribs again. Left me breathless more than ever before. OH was concerned, his hand always gets a bit of beating up before sleep but first time he's had to take it away for being painful for him!! Still he said goodnight and as usual baby settled (thinking of selling him as baby whisperer lol). Fingers crossed is the babies final hurrah in there and a few days we'll be holding them, still quite grumpy but back to quite excited too :) Hope everyone feeling a little less grumpy today x


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