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Baby shower... When do i do it?!

Im stressing myself out too much, as people keep asking me when am i having my baby shower.

Im 22 weeks and 4 days, im suppose to be due on 20th january 2014, but im unsure as to when to have my baby shower.

Im worried about doing it too early (hence why i havent thought about it yet!) but at the same time i dont want to leave it til last minute. October is too early i think, november is my mum and brothers birthday so i dont want to do it then, december is obvs xmas time and january is too late. Who knows if i go in labour early?!

Its stressing me out when people keep asking me, and somethings happening each month from now. Im so confused/stressed!

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hey, I had mine 3 weeks before my due date, I think its best not to have it too early, probably any time from 32 weeks onwards. It was really hard for us to find a date that everyone from either side of the family and friends could all attend, so I feel for u even more because it will be really hard to get a date around Christmas time that everyone is free. I would say probably best sometime in November? But just don't stress about it, it should be a fun day so don't worry about it too much. Just choose a date that suits you and stick to it! good luck x


I had mine at 34 weeks - two of my friends organised it. Happened when it did as it was the date most of my friends could make (the stars must have been aligned or something as there was only one person who couldn't make it or swap an on call - unheard of!)

Next time someone asks, reply with 'I don't know, why - are you offering to organise it?' :-p


had mine at 37 weeks


I had mine at 36-37 weeks in event of an early appearance xx


I had mine this weekend at 32 weeks. My friend and mum organised it, so I just got told when and where to turn up!!

I'd always thought I didn't want one (thought they were bit 'American and gimmicky) but have to say I had the best afternoon!! A lovely relaxed afternoon with friends and family eating afternoon tea and playing fun games.

Because of your due date being close to Christmas, I would probably say November as well.

Have fun xXx


I'm having mine at 36 weeks and we're combining it with a housewarming as I'm not a huge fan of being the centre of attention! Why not combine it Xmas - you could have a festive themed shower?!? Just remember, you can't please everyone and there will be people who can't make it! Don't stress yourself out - set a date and stick with it, after all it's your shower!! X


Thanks very much ladies! This has helped me much more x


Was thinking of having mine at 35 to 36 weeks... I guess it is an individual choice :-)


Idk when to have mine either. I don't want to wait til I'm too huge to be comfortable going through all the stuff and putting it away, etc. But I don't wanna have it too early so people think I'm crazy.


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